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MPD: Biographies

Chief of Police

Executive Office of the Chief of Police

Bureau Heads/Executive Staff

  • Darnel Robinson, Assistant Chief, Patrol Services North (PSN)
  • Ramey Kyle, Assistant Chief, Patrol Services South (PSS)
  • Leslie Parsons, Assistant Chief, Investigative Services Bureau
  • Carlos Heraud, Assistant Chief, Homeland Security Bureau
  • Andre Wright, Assistant Chief, Youth and Family Engagement Bureau
  • Tasha Bryant, Assistant Chief, Internal Affairs Bureau
  • Assistant Chief, Technical and Analytical Services Bureau
  • Michael Coligan, Assistant Chief, Professional Development Bureau
  • Angela Simpson, Chief People Officer, Organizational Culture and Wellness Bureau
  • Mark Viehmeyer, General Counsel, Office of the General Counsel
  • Kelly O'Meara, Executive Director, Strategic Change Division
  • Maureen O'Connell, Director, Policy and Standards
  • Alexa Daniels, Deputy Chief of Staff
  • Cynthia Puryear, Director, Office of Communications

District Commanders

Command Staff

  • Jason Bagshaw, Commander, Special Operations Division
  • Duncan Bedlion, Commander, NTIC Liaison and Office of Intelligence
  • Dustin Bellavance, Captain, School Safety and Engagement Division
  • Carl Brown, Jr., Director, Curriculum Development & Instructional Design Division
  • Michelle Caron, Inspector, Special Operations Division
  • David Clow, Chief Information Officer, MPD Information Technology
  • Sean Conboy, Commander, Evidence Control Division
  • Brandy Cramer, Director, Analytical Services
  • Kathleen Crenshaw, Executive Director, Records Division
  • Ashis Dasgupta, Director, IT Infrastructure & Engineering Division
  • Kimberly Dickerson, Commander, Human Resources Management Division
  • Matthew J. Fitzgerald, Commander, Real-Time Crime Center Division
  • Peter Frenzel, Inspector, Disciplinary Review Division
  • Wanda Gattison, Special Assistant
  • Daniel Godin, Commander, OUC Liaison
  • Randy Griffin, Commander, Risk Management Division
  • John Haines, Commander, Youth and Family Services Division
  • Greg Hester, Fleet Services Manager
  • David Hong, Commander, Metropolitan Police Academy
  • Winkle Hobie Hong, Director, Disciplinary Review Division
  • Waldo Johnson, Director, Customer Support DIvision
  • Rohit Johri, Director, Business Application
  • Diana Karczmarczyk, PhD, Director, Employee Well-Being Support
  • Kevin Kentish, Commander, Criminal Investigations Division
  • John Knutsen, Commander, Internal Affairs Division
  • Jeffrey Kopp, Commander, Violent Crime Suppression Division
  • Paris Lewbel, Deputy Director, Office of Communications
  • Nicole Lynch, Deputy General Counsel
  • Deidre Houston Magee, Director, Cadet Corps Branch
  • Matthew Miranda, Director, Medical Services Division
  • Michael Pulliam, Inspector, Office of the Field Commander
  • Brandynn Reaves, FOIA Officer
  • Rhonda Robinson, Director, Court Liaison Division
  • Ashley Rosenthal, Inspector, Office of Testing
  • Ashley Varvounis, Inspector, Recruiting Division

Past Chiefs of Police