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First District Community

First District (small header flag with community image)

Located in the lower central portion of the District of Columbia, the First District is home to the city's business and political center. It includes some of our nation's most recognized and cherished landmarks, as well as some of the city's most interesting and diverse neighborhoods.

Because it has both a district station and a substation, the First District is divided operationally into two areas: west and east. The western part of the district includes the US Capitol (House, Senate), the downtown business district (including the DC Convention Center and the CapitalOne Arena), Chinatown and the waterfront. Most residences in this area are in the Southwest quadrant near the waterfront, although there is a growing resident population in such "downtown" communities as Penn Quarter.

The eastern part of the district, which is served by the 1D-1 Substation, includes the historic Capitol Hill neighborhood and the Washington Navy Yard. Capitol Hill is one of the oldest sections of the city, with many historic homes and buildings, including the US Supreme Court, Library of Congress, Eastern Market and Union Station.

The First District has eight Police Service Areas (or PSAs):

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