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Tasha Bryant

Tasha Bryant
Assistant Chief, Internal Affairs Bureau

Tasha Bryant currently serves as the Assistant Chief of the Internal Affairs Bureau (IAB). Bryant oversees three organizational units in IAB, which include Internal Affairs, Court Liaison, and Risk Management. Prior to taking the lead of IAB in November 2023, Bryant served as Assistant Chief in charge of the Patrol Services South (PSS) from July through November 2023.

Assistant Chief Tasha Bryant began her career with the Metropolitan Police Department in March 2004 as a patrol officer in the Fourth Police District. While there, she received the Patrol Service Area of the Year Award twice (2006, 2009) and the Community Officer of the Year award in 2008. In April 2009, Bryant was assigned to the CSID Forensic Science Division as a Crime Scene Officer.

Bryant was promoted to sergeant in April 2014 and served in the Fifth and Seventh Police Districts. Then, in April 2018, Bryant was promoted to lieutenant and assigned to the First Police District. Later that same year, she moved to the School Safety Division, where she coordinated school safety activities in a regional operational command, supervising all sergeants and resource officers.

When Assistant Chief Bryant was promoted to captain, she moved to the Seventh Police District. There, she assisted the District Commander with patrol operations in the Seventh District. As 7D captain, Bryant also served as liaison with the United States Attorney's Office, advocacy groups, and other government and non-governmental agencies.

In May 2021, Bryant was promoted to inspector and assigned to the First District Substation (1D-1). In addition to managing the substation, Bryant supported the captains assigned to the 2021 Summer Crime Prevention Initiative (SCPI). This experience allowed her to reconnect and develop new relationships in some of the most vulnerable communities in the First District. In March 2022, Bryant was promoted to Commander of the First District.

Bryant was promoted to this the rank of assistant chief in charge of Patrol Services South (PSS) by Chief of Police Pamela A. Smith in July 2023 prior to taking the lead of the Internal Affairs Bureau in November 2023.

Assistant Chief Bryant has an Associate Degree in communication from Strayer University. She completed the Federal Bureau Investigation (FBI) Innovative Technology course. Assistant Chief Bryant is a graduate of the Senior Management Institute of Policing (SMIP). She also studied Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at the University of Maryland.

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