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Who Do I Call?

All phone numbers are area code 202 unless otherwise noted.

If you... Then call... Telephone
...need fingerprints for employment, as part of a background check, or for a police clearance Fingerprinting 727-4409
...need a police clearance Arrests and Criminal History Section 727-4245
...want to file a police report and it's an emergency   9-1-1
...want to contact the police for a non-emergency   3-1-1
...want to file a police report (and you're NOT in the District of Columbia)    727-1000
...want to request a copy of a police report Public Documents Section 727-4357

...have a question about emergency no-parking signs, visitor parking permits, etc.

Note: Local issues should be handled at your police district. Use the DC Guide to easily locate a police district. Just enter an address in the appropriate field and select the "Public Safety" tab below the map that appears.

First District 698-0555 
Second District 715-7300
Third District 673-6815
Fourth District 715-7400
Fifth District 698-0150
Sixth District 698-0880 
Seventh District 698-1500
...want to contest a ticket  Department of Motor Vehicles 673-6833
want to locate a towed vehicle

Department of Motor Vehicles Towed Vehicle Locator  

...…want to locate a vehicle impounded by MPD Evidence Control Division 645-0130

…want to inquire if any property (such as bikes, etc.) has been recovered/turned in to MPD

Note: Property -- including bikes -- are typically turned in to a police district first, and then transported to the Evidence Control Division. You may wish to contact the police district where the item was lost before contacting Evidence Control.

Evidence Control Division 645-0130
...want to commend police actions                           
Employee Commendations   
...want to file a police complaint with the MPD MPD Internal Affairs Division 727-4385
...want to file a police complaint with the DC Office of Police Complaints Office of Police Complaints 727-3838
...are planning a march, parade, demonstration or other special event Special Operations Division 671-6511
...want to become a Metropolitan Police Officer  Recruiting 645-0445
...want to register your gun Firearms Registration 727-4275
...are with the media or have a media-related question Public Information Office  727-4383

...want to follow up on a domestic violence issue

Note: If you need immediate assistance in a domestic situation, call 9-1-1

Domestic Violence Unit


...want to report a juvenile missing person

Note: a juvenile is anyone under 18; missing adults should be reported at your police district (see district information above) Youth Investigations Division

Missing Persons Guide


...have any other non-emergency police matter

MPD Command Information Center 727-9099
...want to reach the Chief of Police Executive Office of the Chief of Police 727-4218