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Written Directives: Circulars

In order to help promote transparency, the MPD has posted policy statements issued by the Chief of Police (e.g., general orders, executive orders, and other directives) that are currently in effect for the department. As new and updated policies are published, they will be posted here. For additional information, the Policy and Standards Branch can be contacted in writing at 441 4th Street, NW, Washington, DC, 20001 or at [email protected].


Written Directives: Circulars

Circular Number Date Title
CIR-09-03 6/1/2009 Hazardous Materials Information
CIR-19-24 12/20/2019 Fiscal Year 2020 Police Officer Retention Program (PORP)
CIR-21-08 7/16/2021 Fiscal Year 2021 Police Officer Retention Program (PORP)
CIR-21-12 12/03/2021 Fiscal Year 2022 Police Officer Retention Program (PORP)
CIR-22-02 5/5/2022 Landlord-Tenant Evictions
CIR-22-10 8/30/2022 Removal and Disposition of Abandoned and Other Unlawfully Parked Vehicles Reform Amendment Act of 2022
CIR-22-11 9/2/2022 DDOT School Parking Zone Program
CIR-22-13 9/15/2022 Concealed-Carry Licensee Rules
CIR-22-19 12/30/2022 Safer Streets Amendment Act of 2022
CIR-23-01 1/25/23 Mobility Program
CIR-23-03 3/9/2023 Human Rights Sanctuary Amendment Act of 2022
CIR-23-04 4/18/2023 Domestic Violence Liaison Program
CIR-23-05 4/27/2023 Expanding Supports for Crime Victims Amendment Act of 2022
CIR-23-06 6/9/2023 Law Enforcement Intelligence Files
CIR-23-08 7/5/2023 Animal Care and Control Omnibus Amendment Act of 2022
CIR-23-09 7/10/2023 Announcement of the 2023 Promotional Selection Process for the Rank of Captain
CIR-23-10 7/10/2023 Announcement of the 2023 Promotional Selection Process for the Rank of Lieutenant
CIR-23-11 7/10/2023 Announcement of the 2023 Promotional Selection Process for the Rank of Sergeant
CIR-23-12 7/11/2023 Decriminalization of Street Vending
CIR-23-13 9/6/2023 Prioritizing Public Safety Emergency Amendment Act of 2023
CIR-23-14 11/1/2023 Cold Weather Reminder – 2023-2024 Hypothermia Season
CIR-23-15 11/01/2023 Fiscal Year 2024 Police Officer Retention Program (PORP)
CIR-23-19 11/27/2023 Index of Published Directives
CIR-24-01 3/11/2024 Secure DC Omnibus Emergency Amendment Act of 2024
CIR-24-03 6/20/2024 Announcement of the 2024 Detective Grade One Selection Process
CIR-24-04 6/21/2024 Announcement of the 2024 Detective Grade Three Selection Process