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Operation TIPP - Terrorist Incident Prevention Program

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It is no surprise that terrorism continues to be a threat in the United States and in the Nation's Capital. What may be surprising, however, is that some terrorists use materials and equipment that are generally available in the marketplace. Some terrorists may attempt to portray themselves as legitimate customers in order to procure the goods they need, while others may attempt to steal them.

In either case, it is usually an individual business or service organization that will be the first to notice something out of the ordinary. When that happens, it is critical that these suspicions be immediately passed on to law enforcement, so that the information can be examined, evaluated and, if necessary, acted upon.

That is why the Metropolitan Police Department created Operation TIPP (Terrorist Incident Prevention Program): to make it easy for businesses, service agencies and other organizations in the Washington region to get directly involved in terrorism prevention.

Operation TIPP has two key parts:

  1. Educating businesses within specific industries on what to look out for in the way of suspicious activity related to their industry group.
  2. Providing easy and convenient ways for businesses to report suspicious activity to the police.

Get Involved!

The MPDC encourages all businesses in the DC area to become familiar with Operation TIPP and to become actively involved in terrorism prevention.

Helpful Information

Additional Resources to Download and Distribute

Report Suspicious Activity

  • To report immediate threats or emergencies, call 911
  • To report suspicious activity or behavior, call (202) 727-9099
  • Make a report using iWATCH (What is iWATCH?)