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Written Directives: Special Orders

In order to help promote transparency, the MPD has posted policy statements issued by the Chief of Police (e.g., general orders, executive orders, and other directives) that are currently in effect for the department. As new and updated policies are published, they will be posted here. For additional information, the Policy and Standards Branch can be contacted in writing at 300 Indiana Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20001 or at [email protected].


Written Directives: Special Orders

S.O. Number Date Title
SO-79-80 10/1/1979 Records Disposition and Retention Schedule Number 2J 2nd Edition
SO-80-50 7/22/1980 Amendments of the General Orders Concerning Responsibilities for Conducting Investigations
SO-81-09 2/10/1981 Revisions to General Order 201.15
SO-81-24 4/14/1981 Medic Alert System and Medical Data Banc Identification
SO-81-65 11/5/1981 PD Form 26 (Record of Warrant/Custody Order on File at Identification and Records Division)
SO-82-36 9/21/1982 Transporting Persons Arrested by Special Police Officers
SO-83-21 3/2/1983 Drug Testing for Illicit Narcotic or Controlled Substance Use
SO-83-26 3/17/1983 Excused Absences
SO-83-82 11/29/1983 Service of DC Superior Court Warrants by Other Jurisdictions
SO-84-25 4/27/1984 DEA Form 7 (Report of Drug Property Collected, Purchased or Seized)
SO-86-72 12/30/1986 Expansion of the Jurisdictional Responsibilities of the US Secret Service univormed Division
SO-87-01 1/13/1987 Procedures for Handling Instances of Tardiness
SO-87-32 9/3/1987 Policy on Responding to Subpoenas and Requests for Interviews in Connection with Investigations of District Agencies or Officials
SO-87-33 10/11/1987 Hospital Coutesy
SO-87-37 10/10/1987 Protective Equipment
SO-87-42 12/14/1987 Procedures for Conducting Joint Law Enforcement Operations
SO-88-20 6/6/1988 Catastrophic Illness/Injury Donation Program
SO-89-03 2/15/1989 Bench Warrants Issued by the Court for Failure to Appear for Hearings in Child Support Cases
SO-90-10 5/30/1990 Unauthorized Stickers on Department Vehicles
SO-91-05 6/27/1991

Request for Family and/or Medical Leave

SO-91-14 1/6/1992 Witness Protection Program
SO-93-15 9/2/1993 Vehicles Authorized for Department Use
SO-94-27 11/25/1994 Parolee Registration Program
SO-95-14 9/27/1995 Motor Vehicle Tinted Window Amendment Act of 1994


1/16/1996 LOJACK Pilot Program
SO-96-07 5/20/1996 Revised Jurisdictional Boundaries Affecting the US Secret Service, the US Park Police and the Metropolitan Police Department
SO-96-10 7/10/1996 Change in Handling the Charge of "Failure to Comply with Order" when Enforcing Traffic Violations
SO-97-06 3/28/1997 Overtime Compensation
SO-97-13 7/15/1997 Revised PD Form 378 (Domestic Violence Handout)
SO-98-32 10/27/1998 Use of Radio Priority Alert Tones
SO-98-36 11/9/1998 Authorization to Forfeit Annual Leave and/or Compensatory Time in Lieu of Suspension Without Pay (For Suspensions of 5 Days or Less)
SO-98-38 11/20/1998 Personal Take Home Radios



Selection of Peer Support Team Members



Procedures for Handling Seized Monies



Compliance with Title II of the ADA



Fingerprinting Prisoners



Bias Related Hate Crimes



Administrative Leave for Academic Courses



Illegal Posters on Public Space



Court Schedule Verification System



Cross Agency Enforcement Initiative (CAEI)



PD Form 168 (Court Case Review), Prosecutor's Form 168-A (Prosecutor's Case Review Form) and PD Form 140 (Court Attendance Record)






Carrying Service Firearms While Off-Duty in the District of Columbia

SO 04 11


Distracted Driving Safety Act of 2004



Desk Sergeant Selection Process



Issuance & Service of Grand Jury & Trial Subpoenas



Partners on Patrol



Records Retention and Evidence Preservation (Millicent Allewelt Act of 2004)



Guidelines for Scheduling Court Key Days

SO-06-06 4/7/2006

Instructions for Completing the Reportable Incident Form (RIF: PD Forms 901-g and 901-h)



Enhanced Use of CCTV to Combat Crime



Visitor Parking Permits

SO-08-07 7/02/2008 Bicycle Recovery Procedures
SO-08-08 6/23/2008

Handling of Fireworks

SO-08-11 12/10/2008 Public Safety Officer’s Benefit Program
SO-08-12 12/17/2008 Pre-Trial Hold/Conditions of Release Request Form (PD Form 255-A)
SO-09-03 6/1/2009 Validation of Individuals as Members of a Criminal Gang
SO-10-06 8/11/2010 Fuel Key Procedures
SO-10-09 8/23/2010 Mobile AFIS Devices
SO-10-10 8/23/2010

Processing Arrestees Eligible for Bond, Citation Release and “Elect to Forfeit"

SO-10-11 9/13/2010

Authorization and Accountability for Metropolitan Police Department Vehicles

SO-10-12 9/14/2010 Gun Offender Registry
SO-10-13 9/29/2010 Issuance of Subpoenas in Criminal Investigations
SO-10-14 10/1/2010

Instructions for Completing the Use of Force Incident Report (UFIR: PD Forms 901-e and 901-f)

SO-10-16 11/1/2010 Background Checks
SO-11-01 1/27/2011 Lactating Accommodation Policy
SO-11-02 2/3/2011 Adult Protective Services
SO-11-03 4/6/2011 Voluntary Leave Transfer Program
SO-11-04 3/30/2011 Information Technology Restricted Area Access and Asset Control
SO-11-09 5/25/2011 Arrest Books
SO-11-13 7/12/2011 Contagious Disease and Infestation Protocol
SO-11-14 8/19/2011 MPD Compliance with the National Child Search Assistance Act of 1990
SO-11-15 7/13/2011

Special Liaison Division

SO-11-21 11/28/2011 Unregistered Vehicle Enforcement
SO-11-22 12/1/2011

Bias-Related/Hate Crimes

SO-12-03 1/27/2012 Religious Head Covers and Other Articles of Faith
SO-12-04 3/16/2012 Mandatory Reporting and Broadcast of Serious Crimes
SO-12-05 2/22/2012 Car-Sharing Program Parking Spaces
SO-12-09 3/12/2012 Failure to Display Tags
SO-12-10 3/13/2012 Vehicle Oil Checks
SO-12-11 3/13/2012 Parking at Expired Parking Meters
SO-12-14 4/30/2012 Domestic Violence Assessment Tool (DVAT) Pilot Program in PSAs 506, 507, 602, 604, 608, 706, and 708
SO-12-15 4/25/2012 SAFE Ride-Along Program
SO-12-16 7/17/2012 Investigative Responsibilities for Reports of Injured Persons to Hospitals
SO-12-18 7/24/12 Preliminary Reports
SO-12-22 10/26/2012 Witness Canvasses
SO-12-24 10/26/2012 Lesson Plan and Curriculum Review
SO-13-04 5/14/2013 Investigative Support Unit
SO-13-05 6/21/2013 Sworn Member Scheduling
SO-13-07 8/29/2013 Traffic Enforcement Involving Non-Traditional Motor Vehicles
SO-13-08 8/29/2013

Medical Marijuana

SO-13-10 10/24/2013 Silver Alert
SO-13-13 11/27/2013

Photographs, Video Recordings, and Audio Recordings of Crime Scenes

SO-14-02 3/9/2014 Retirement Badges
SO-14-03 6/6/2014 Requesting Video Evidence
SO-14-05 7/30/2014 Command Information Center Traffic Desk
SO-14-06 8/1/2014 Littering Enforcement
SO-14-11 11/3/2014 Handheld Ticket Writers
SO-14-13 12/17/2014 Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Program
SO-15-03 1/29/2015 The "Lively Standard"
SO-15-05 2/13/2015 AWARE Threat and Investigative Consoles
SO-15-07 2/26/2015

Legalization of Possession of Minimal Amounts of Marijuana for Personal Use Initiative of 2014 (Initiative 71)

SO-15-08 4/14/2015 Cell Phone Recovery Process
SO-16-04 2/26/2016 DC Streetcars
SO-16-05 5/6/2016 Fiscal Year 2016 Police Officer Retention Program (PORP)
SO-16-06 6/3/2016 Social Media Checks for Background Investigations
SO-16-11 8/11/2016 Education-Based Development
SO-16-14 9/19/2016 Bait Bike Program
SO-17-03 6/23/2017 Digital Video Evidence Recovery (DIVRT) Kits
SO-17-04 6/23/2017 Nightlife Critical Incident Response Vehicles
SO-17-06 9/29/2017 Fiscal Year 2018 Police Officer Retention Program (PORP)
SO-17-10 12/12/2017

List of Eligible Candidates for Promotion to the Rank of Sergeant

SO-18-01 2/9/2018 Second Phase Fiscal Year 2018 Police Officer Retention Program (PORP)
SO-18-02 2/16/2018 Recruiting Referral Bonus