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Written Directives: Circulars

In order to help promote transparency, the MPD has posted policy statements issued by the Chief of Police (e.g., general orders, executive orders, and other directives) that are currently in effect for the department. As new and updated policies are published, they will be posted here. For additional information, the Policy and Standards Branch can be contacted in writing at 300 Indiana Avenue, NW, Washington, DC, 20001 or at [email protected].


Written Directives: Circulars

Circular Number Date Title
CIR-01-03 2/28/2001 Landlord Self-Help Evictions
CIR-07-04 6/6/2007 Civil Infractions for Moving, Parking, and Hack Violations
CIR-08-02 7/17/2008 Designation of the Office of Disability Rights as the EEO Counselor for Employees with Disabilities
CIR-09-03 6/1/2009 Hazardous Materials Information
CIR-09-08 11/18/2009 New D.C. Vehicle Registration & New Car Inspection Stickers
CIR-12-01 1/3/2012 Barring Notices
CIR-12-14 9/21/2012 Comprehensive Impaired Driving Act of 2012
CIR-12-16 10/19/2012 Announcement of the 2012 Investigator Selection Process
CIR-12-17 12/3/2012 Changes to Title 18, DCMR, Chapter 26 (Civil Fines for Motor Vehicle Moving Infractions)
CIR-14-08 6/26/2014 Help for Domestic Vilence Victims with Pets
CIR-14-11 10/7/2014 New DC Dealer Identification Tag
CIR-16-04 6/9/2016 Barring Notices
CIR-16-07 12/9/2016 Announcement of the 2017 Detective Grade One Selection Process
CIR-16-08 12/9/2016 Announcement of the 2017 Investigator Selection Process
CIR-18-02 2/20/2018 Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Clarification Amendment Act of 2018
CIR-18-05 7/9/2018 Local Hatch Act (Permitted and Prohibited Political Activities)
CIR-18-08 10/15/2018

Fiscal Year 2019 Police Officer Retention Program (PORP)

CIR-18-11 11/14/2018 Excessive Idling of Vehicles
CIR-19-06 6/20/2019 Changes to Title 18, DCMR - Controlled Access Roads
CIR-19-07 3/1/2019 Index of Published Directives
CIR-19-10 6/7/2019 List of Eligible Candidates for Promotion to the Rank of Captain
CIR-19-11 6/7/2019 List of Eligible Candidates for Promotion to the Rank of Lieutenant
CIR-19-11 6/7/2019 List of Eligible Candidates for Promotion to the Rank of Sergeant
CIR-19-14 8/16/2019 Use of Shared Electric Motor-Driven Cycles
CIR-19-20 11/20/2019 Mobility Program
CIR-19-24 12/20/2019 Fiscal Year 2020 Police Officer Retention Program (PORP)
CIR-20-01 5/18/2020 Ghost Guns Prohibition Emergencyand Temporary Amendment Acts of 2020
CIR-20-02 6/12/2020 Changes to Title 18, DCMR (Vehicles and Traffic)
CIR-20-06 10/28/2020 Cold Weather Reminder – 2020-2021 Hypothermia Season
CIR-21-04 4/1/2021 Index of Published Directives
CIR-21-05 4/12/2021 Opioid Overdose Treatment and Prevention Omnibus Amendment Act of 2020
CIR-21-06 4/15/2021 Vision Zero Enhancement Omnibus Amendment Act of 2020: Bicycle Safety Equipment and Headphone Use While Operating a Vehicle
CIR-21-07 7/6/2021 DDOT ParkDC Program
CIR-21-08 7/16/2021 Fiscal Year 2021 Police Officer Retention Program (PORP)