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FY24 Proposed Budget

Friday, March 31, 2023

Pursuant to requirements in the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Support Act of 2022, MPD is providing the following information related to its staffing and budget.


An annual listing of all full-time equivalents at MPD (also known as a Schedule A), in spreadsheet format, including the fields below. The spreadsheet is provided by the Office of the Chief Financial Officer.

(i)Position number;
(ii) Position title;
(iii) Whether the position is funded or unfunded:
(iv) Whether the position is filled or vacant;
(v) Program; 
(vi) Activity;
(vii) Salary; and
(viii) Fringe benefits; and


  • Excel Document Titled "FY24 YTD Schedule A"
  • Excel Document Titled "FY23 YTD Schedule A"


An annual report on MPD’s overtime (see below).

  • Fiscal Year 2023 Overtime Report
  • Fiscal Year 2022 Overtime Report


  1. The approved, revised, and actual MPD budgets for the prior 5 fiscal years and the current fiscal year, the expenditures for those years, and the proposed MPD budget for the next fiscal year, in spread-sheet format, broken down, at a minimum, by program, activity, comptroller source group, fund source, and service level. The Office of the Chief Financial Officer is preparing this report, and it will be posted as soon as it is provided.
  2. Total proposed budget for hiring







  3. Gross and net number of personnel MPD anticipates the proposed budget will allow it to hire, broken down by civilian employees, cadets, cadet conversion recruits, non-cadet conversion recruits, officers, and senior police officers.
      Sworn Civilian Cadet Total
    Authorized 4,000 715 150 4,865

    Not funded (captured in vacancy savings)

    721     721

    Projected Start:

    3,279 609 150 4,038

    Add: New Recruits (non-cadets)

    147     147

    Add: New Recruits (cadet conversion)

    28     28
    Add: Senior Law Enforcement Officers (SLEO)
            (rehiring retired members )

    Add: New DE&I/Wellness





    Add: New Civilianization

      18   18

    Add: Crime Scene Transfers (from DFS)

      82   82

    Add: Backfills

      78 48 126

    Less: Retirement




    Less: Other Separations





    Less: SLEOs Separations



    Less: Cadet Conversions to Recruits

        -28 -28

    Projected End

    3131 715 150 3,996


  4. Any proposed actual or paper changes to MPD’s internal organization.

    The Mayor’s proposed budget includes $10,086,679 and 82.0 FTEs transferred-in from the Department of Forensic Sciences to the Investigative Services Bureau to support the efficient use of resources for crime scene processing. This represents the only substantial change.