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Police Boundary Update

Periodically, the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) conducts a comprehensive assessment of our patrol boundaries to ensure optimal operations. Over the past nine months, MPD engaged in an evaluation of our boundaries as established in 2012, taking into account current workload, anticipated population growth, economic development, and community needs.

Overarching goals for the 2019 realignment effort include:

  • Optimal availability of police resources
  • Officer safety and wellness
  • Efficient delivery of police services

All police districts will see some change. Some districts have minor adjustments
while others — such as the First, Third, and Fifth police districts — will have
more significant changes.

Neighborhoods affected include:

Mount Pleasant (4D to 3D)

  • Park View (3D to 4D)
  • Fairlawn (7D to 6D)
  • Small portion of Capitol Hill/H Street Area (1D to 5D)
  • Truxton Circle/Bloomingdale (5D to 3D)
  • Portion of downtown, including City Center (1D to 2D)


  • Why It’s Happening DC is a growing city. Our population has increased 15 percent since 2010 and is expected to reach nearly 850,000 by 2030. MPD is realigning its service areas to better fit the needs of every resident, visitor, and employee in the District of Columbia.
  • How This Realignment Will Affect You The police service you receive will not change. The realignment being implemented is structural in nature. Staffing will align with resource needs so communities will continue to receive a prompt police response.
  • Schedule The boundary realignment will take effect in January 2019. However, transition activities are already underway to ensure  continuity in police services.