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Register Your Vessel with OVERS

According to DC law, any vessel that is operated primarily on waters in the District of Columbia must be registered annually with DC Boat Registration Office. OVERS (Online Vessel Registration System) is the Metropolitan Police Department's online e-commerce tool that allows users to renew their vessel registration from the comfort of their own home... or boat.

Helpful Tips Before You Get Started

  • You must click the "Login" tab a the top of the OVERS page to initiate any registration renewal.
  • This online registration system requires a working email address.
  • New vessels to DC or change of ownership of DC boat users should contact Harbor Patrol on (202) 727-4582 for additional instructions.
  • Make sure your browser “pop-up” blocker is off.
  • Scan the required support documentation (as PDF files) so that you can upload them into the system during the registration process.
  • Technical issues? Send your name, contact info, DC # and description by email to [email protected].

Apply for a Marine Event Permit

Renew Your Vessel Registration