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Community Prosecution

Community Prosecution is a law enforcement program that complements the Metropolitan Police Department's customized community policing strategy. Community Prosecution is designed to create new and lasting partnerships with the community to better address the concerns of those who live, work and visit the District of Columbia. The program improves the US Attorney's Office's relationship and partnerships with the MPDC, other law enforcement agencies, and other public and private agencies with which the USAO works. As a result, these new partnerships enhance the Office's prosecutorial function.

Through this program, the US Attorney's Office Community Prosecution Section assigns attorneys geographically to each of the MPDC's seven police districts. Attorneys assist the police in criminal investigations, review arrest warrants and, when an arrest is made, present the case in court. This relationship facilitates the flow of information among the police department, the community and the USAO.

For more information about Community Prosecution, visit the US Attorney's Office website.