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Force Investigation Team Organizational Plan and Operations Manual

Saturday, December 1, 2001

One of the primary objectives of this investigative body was to provide the Metropolitan Police Department with a standard, comprehensive, neutral investigative response to use of deadly force incidents.  Additional objectives included developing and maintaining internal reporting and investigative mechanisms that had to be in place to assure quality control and accountability.  These mechanisms had to clearly chronicle the circumstances and document the volumes of information inherent in deadly force investigations.  It was crucial that this neutral component monitor and evaluate deadly force investigations and ensure fair, impartial, and professional reviews.  Additionally, this entity had to be the primary link to other local and federal agencies with interest in the conduct and activity of Metropolitan Police officers as it related to the use of force.  Finally, the unit had to compile, track, analyze, and report all use of force data.  The resulting advancements restored community confidence and enhanced the credibility of the Metropolitan Police Department.