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Police Ride-Along Program

The Police Ride-Along program allows residents to accompany officers during their tour of duty in a police vehicle. This public education program gives residents a better understanding of police operations. If you are interested in a ride-along, use the application below. You must also complete either an adult or juvenile release form.

Please print and complete the application and one of the releases below:

Fax the application and release to the Patrol Services Bureau at (202) 576-8078, send by mail to the address below, or email to [email protected]. If the application is faxed, please call the Patrol Services Bureau the following day to ensure the paperwork was received. If the application was mailed, please call the Patrol Services Bureau in seven business days. The applicant will need to include their email address if they wish to be contacted by email.

Completing this form does not guarantee that your ride-along request will be approved. It is the responsibility of the applicant to confirm receipt of the application.

For more information, contact your local police district, or::

Kendra Whitaker
Patrol Services Bureau
Metropolitan Police Department
801 Shepherd St NW
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 576-6600 (office)
(202) 576-8078 (fax)
Email: [email protected]