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Memorial to Samuel C. Hayden

Officer Killed in the Line of Duty

Date of Death: February 27, 1921
Rank: Officer
Years of Service: 11
Marital Status: Single
Location of Death: 948 Westminister Street, NW

Recently released from St. Elizabeth's hospital and drunk with whiskey, Twitty Lynwood Harris walked down the street carrying a gun. He shot two men at random and then casually walked into his house at 948 Westminister Street, NW.

Captain Bean, Officer Cole, and Officer Hayden responded to the scene and entered the house to search for the suspect. They were advised that the suspect was hiding in a third floor room. As they were about to enter the room, the suspect opened fire from a hall closet. As Officer Hayden turned towards the suspect he was shot in the head and his body fell against Captain Bean, preventing him from returning fire. Officer Cole shot the suspect in the chest.

Officer Hayden died on the scene.

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