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Instructions for Submitting an Application for a Concealed Carry Firearms Training Instructor

Pursuant to amendments to the Firearms Regulations Control Act of 1975 (D.C. Act 20-447), anyone applying for a concealed pistol license in the District of Columbia must receive firearms training from a Firearms Training Instructor certified by the Metropolitan Police Department.

The requirements for a certified Firearms Training Instructor are found in Title 24, Chapter 23, Section 2347 of the District of Columbia Municipal Regulations (included in the instructions document below). Applicants for a Firearms Training Instructor certification should review both the applicable regulations and the Firearms Regulation Control Act to understand District law and requirements. Violations of District legal requirements will be enforced.

Checklist for Submission of a Concealed Carry Firearms Training Instructor Certification Application

  1. Complete the Firearms Training Instructor Application, including signing and dating the form.
  2. Attach proof of your formal training in the care, safety, and use of firearms, which can include but are not limited to a current Law Enforcement Instructor identification card issued by the National Rifle Association, Instructor Certification from the Department of Criminal Justice Services Private Security Services, or Instructor Certification from the State of Maryland.
  3. Attach proof that you have had at least one year of experience in instruction in the care, safety, and use of handguns. Please note that certification alone is not proof of experience.
  4. Attach a detailed syllabus describing the methods and materials you will use to conduct the firearms training for a concealed carry license. The course syllabus and materials must meet the requirements of the Firearms Regulations Control Act and must refer to the information provided by the Metropolitan Police Department on District of Columbia law on self-defense.
  5. All new applicants must be fingerprinted by Civilian Fingerprinting, located at 300 Indiana Ave. NW Room 3054. Fingerprinting services are scheduled online by clicking the following link:

    When making your appointment online, please select the “Firearms Registration” category to schedule your appointment. Please see the payment instructions below in order to pay the $35.00 fingerprinting fee & $400 Firearms Instructor License fee.

    When making payment for fingerprinting and the application fee you will need a “Request for Services” form. This form can be obtained from the Security Officers Management Branch by request. Complete the form with the services you require and take to form to the Civilian Fingerprinting office at 300 Indiana Ave NW, Room 3054. Payments can be made by credit/debit card at the kiosk located on the 3rd Floor. Once payment is made, you must show your receipt to Civilian Fingerprinting and turn it in with your application to the Security Officers Management Branch.
  6. Compile your application and supplemental documentation outside of extenuating circumstances. Electronically submit your Firearms Instructor Application and training material to [email protected].

If you have any questions regarding this process, please submit them to [email protected].