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Air Support Unit (Falcon)

The Metropolitan Police helicopters are aerial observation and communication platforms, providing an often-vital resource to officers across the Metropolitan Police area. Each aircraft is crewed by a pilot and a tactical flight officer (TFO). Between these two members, an effective level of support is provided to police ground units.

The main activities undertaken by the Air Support Unit are:

  • Suspect Searches
    Suspect searches are the most common request for the unit whenever a suspect has gone into hiding in a particular area.
  • Vehicle Pursuit
    The presence of the aircraft allows supervisors to manage the pursuit in accordance with national guidelines.
  • Missing Persons
    During darkness, all subjects, police, suspects and missing persons appear as a silhouette on the thermal image camera.
  • Demonstrations
    The crew down-link live pictures to either the Central Communications Command or to small size mobile receivers.

Pictured Above: Air Support Unit Flight Crew
From left: Sergeant S. Smith; Officer W. Early (Pilot); Officer S. Solomon (Pilot); Officer M. Wingblade (TFO); Officer J. Haskel (TFO): Officer J. McCormick (Pilot); Officer T. Crabb (TFO): Lieutenant W. Farr (Air Support Unit Commander).