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Victim Services Branch

The Victim Services Branch (VSB) plays a vital role in serving victims of crime in the District of Columbia. Victim Specialists act as a liaison between the police and victims throughout the investigative process and connect them with support resources.  Serving as a liaison within the police department, allows Victim Specialists to assist victims with getting necessary documentation from investigators related to property, insurance policies, police reports and referrals for relocation and emergency housing.   

Victim Specialists can also support victims and witnesses by facilitating communication and supporting the through the investigative process.  While Victim Specialists dedicate their time to meeting the victim’s needs, the detectives are able to focus on bringing them justice through the investigative process.  This partnership between law enforcement and victim advocates is essential to ensure that victims are able to get the support they need while effectively participating in the criminal justice process. 

Staff of the Victim Services Branch also facilitate outreach, workshops, and events, to educate and empower the community on Victim’s Rights, support services and tools for healing.  These events include Denim Day held in April during Sexual Assault Awareness Month and the Annual Tree of Remembrance held in December to honor homicide victims in DC.  MPD has also created a confidential Google Group to enhance support for survivors/victims and improve communication with MPD and the community. This group provides information on events and supportive services throughout the community.  If you would like to join, please send an email to the Official MPD Victim Services Branch Community Group at [email protected]

If you or anyone you know would like to speak with a victim specialist, please call (202) 724-4339. Additional contact information is below.

The Victim Services Branch includes the Family Liaison Specialist Unit (FLSU), Major Case Victims Unit (MCVU) and the Victim Specialists Unit (VSU).

Family Liaison Specialist Unit

The FLSU provides support services to survivors of homicide victims throughout the investigative process.  Specifically, members of this unit support survivors by acting as a liaison between the detective investigating the case and survivor. FLSU specialists establish relationships throughout the community and provide information about government and community-based resources to better serve the unique needs of survivors and their family. Specialists also provide survivors with on-going emotional support, case updates, information concerning victim’s rights, referrals for grief counseling, information regarding funeral expenses, and other related services.

Major Case Victims Unit

The Major Case Victims Unit (MCVU) serves victims of violent felony offenses.  In the cases of violent felonies, victim specialists, ensure that survivors have information concerning their rights as victims of crime, access to on-going support, case updates, and referrals to government and community based resources.

Victim Specialists Unit

The Victim Specialists Unit provides support, information, and referrals to victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The Victim Specialists in the unit act as a support system and conduit for victims/survivors; with hope of empowering victims. Moreover, the Victim Specialists Unit aims to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the District of Columbia by establishing relationships with the community and being a resource for victims and their families.

Tree of Remembrance 2022

Watch this year's commemoration below (via YouTube). 


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"Now You Know" Roundtable Discussions

The MPD's Victim Services Branch is conducting a series of roundtable discussions focused on a variety of topics.

Contact Information

Victim Specialists Unit
Police Headquarters
441 4th Street, NW, Suite 550N
Washington, DC 20001
Fax: (202) 727-6491

Family Liaison Specialists Unit
Homicide Branch
101 M Street, SW
Washington, DC 20024
Main: (202) 645-6363
Fax: (202) 442-8010 or (202) 442-8021
Email: [email protected]

Name Telephone Email Address
Diamond Vann
(202) 724-4339 [email protected]
Carla J. Okonkwo
Supervisor, Family Liaison Specialists Unit
(202) 645-9629 [email protected]

Keisha N. Keith
Supervisor, Major Case/Victim Specialist Units

(202) 727-6007 [email protected]
Ludemar Carrion, MSW
Victim Specialist
(202) 715-7407 [email protected]
Marlene Castro
Bilingual Family Liaison Specialist
(202) 645-9631 [email protected]
Dawn Christie
Victim Specialist
(202) 698-0079 [email protected]
Sharon Daugherty
Community Outreach Coordinator
(202) 727-6181 [email protected]
Edward Mayo
Victim Specialist
(202) 698-0949 [email protected]
Ashley McHenry
Victim Specialist
(202) 724-2215 [email protected]
Megan Riley
Family Liaison Specialist
(202) 645-5537 [email protected]
Torie Stone
Victim Specialist
(202) 698-0078 [email protected]
Shannetta Thompson
Family Liaison Specialist
(202) 645-6363 [email protected]
Beyshinah Woods
Victim Specialist
(202) 727-6006 [email protected]