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Voluntarily and Peaceably Surrendering a Firearm

How can I turn in a gun to MPD?

You may voluntarily and peaceably deliver a firearm, destructive device, or ammunition to one of ten police district stations or substations in the District of Columbia. Alternatively you can call 311 and ask MPD to pick up the weapon from your residence or place of business.

MPD District Address

Phone Number

First District Station

101 M Street, SW


First District Substation

500 E Street, SE


Second District

3320 Idaho Avenue, NW


Third District

1620 V Street, NW


Fourth District

6001 Georgia Avenue, NW


Fourth District Substation

750 Park Road, NW


Fifth District

1805 Bladensburg Road, NE


Sixth District

5002 Hayes Street, NE


Sixth District Substation

2701 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE


Seventh District

2455 Alabama Avenue, SE


How can I bring a firearm to a station?

We recommend that you contact the police district station in advance to inform the station personnel that you will be traveling to and arriving at the station with a firearm in order to voluntarily surrender it.

Important: the firearm must be unloaded and separate from any ammunition, inside a locked container.

If you are transporting by a vehicle: the firearm must be unloaded and not readily accessible from the passenger compartment. If there is no separate compartment, place the unloaded firearm in a locked container other than the glove compartment or console.

If you do not have a locked container for lawful transport, please call so that a pick up can be arranged.

What is the process for bringing it to a station?

You will not be asked for any identifying information, such as a photo ID or license, or to provide fingerprints.

You will not receive any money for turning in the firearm, destructive device, or ammunition.

What happens after delivery of the gun?

MPD and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF), test fires each gun that is turned in to analyze the projectiles and casings against others to help identify potential matches from a crime scene. MPD is required to contact the United States Attorney’s Office and the Office of the Attorney General to determine if the firearm is needed as evidence in criminal prosecutions. If the evidence is not needed by either prosecuting agency, the firearm or ammunition will be destroyed.

What are your legal protections?

If you voluntarily and peaceably deliver and abandon a firearm, destructive device, or ammunition to MPD you will not be arrested and prosecuted for possessing an unregistered firearm or transporting the firearm and ammunition.

There is no immunity for using a gun in a crime.

DC Official Code § 7-2507.05 (a)

If a person or organization within the District voluntarily and peaceably delivers and abandons to the Chief of Police any firearm, destructive device or ammunition at any time, such delivery shall preclude the arrest and prosecution of such person on a charge of violating any provision of this section with respect to the firearm, destructive device, or ammunition voluntarily delivered. Delivery under this section may be made at any police district, station, or central headquarters, or by summoning a police officer to the person’s residence or place of business. Every firearm and destructive device to be delivered and abandoned to the Chief under this section shall be unloaded and securely wrapped in a package, and, in the case of delivery to a police facility, the package shall be carried in open view. No person who delivers and abandons a firearm, destructive device, or ammunition under this section, shall be required to furnish identification, photographs or fingerprints. No amount of money shall be paid for any firearm, destructive device, or ammunition delivered and abandoned under this section. 

(b) Whenever any firearm, destructive device, or any ammunition is surrendered under this section or pursuant to § 7-2502.10(c)(1), the Chief shall inquire of the United States Attorney and the Corporation Counsel for the District whether such firearm is needed as evidence; provided, that if the same is not needed as evidence, it shall be destroyed.