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Employee Well-being Office (EWBO)

The Employee Well-being Office (EWBO) at MPD was created in 2021 with an initial focus on physical and mental health. The office is aligned under the Organizational Culture and Wellness Bureau. 

The goal of the EWBO is to ensure that each member of MPD feels cared for because we really do care about the well-being of each professional staff and sworn member. The EWBO provides education, programs and services for all MPD members. 

The Employee Well-being Office promotes the following to MPD members: 

  • Wellness Website: The wellness website provides information about MPD resources, information on a wide variety of health topics, benefits as DC government employees – and more! [This website is only available to MPD members.]  
  • OCWB Newsletter: MPD members receive a regular publication from the Organizational Culture and Wellness Bureau filled with information and local, national and MPD resources on a wide variety of  topics, including health and wellness. 
  • Chaplain Corps: The MPD has a long-standing Chaplain Corps to offer assistance, empathy and compassion to its members. Chaplain Corps members respond to critical incidents, provide counsel to the MPD members who request their service, visit the MPD members who are sick or injured either at home or in the hospital, attend the funerals of active and retired members, participate in Department events and community outreach, and present formal lectures as requested. 
  • Headspace: MPD members have free access to Headspace, a popular mental health app that promotes stress management. MPD sworn and professional staff members have free access to the complete Headspace library which includes meditations, sounds and stories to improve sleep, music to encourage focus, yoga exercises and workouts to enhance their mood. 
  • Mighty Meals: MPD has partnered with Mighty Meals, a prepared food delivery service with over 100 chef-prepared menu items made fresh locally. Mighty Meals provides healthy options and convenience for busy members on the go.  
  • MPEAP and Inova EAP: MPD offers free counseling services through the Metropolitan Police Employee Assistance Program for sworn members and their spouses. The Inova Employee Assistance Program offers support to sworn and professional staff members on a variety of topics including work-life balance, grief and psychological counseling, legal assistance, financial guidance, childcare and eldercare assistance and daily living resources such as pet sitters, home repair, and chore services. 

To contact the Employee Well-being Office at MPD, please email [email protected].