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DC Police Leadership Academy

DC Police Leadership Academy, Cohort 2

Police Leadership Academy Cohort 2023-02, pictured in front of the US Capitol

MPD is focused on building a legion of police leaders. Founded in 1861 by President Abraham Lincoln, the DC Metropolitan Police Department is one of the most diverse police departments, policing in one of the most visited —and visible — cities in the world. The dynamic mix of residents from native Washingtonians, students, commuters, tourists, and business travelers provides a complex public safety environment. With an intricate system of interagency collaboration between local and federal partners, policing in the nation’s capital provides a rich backdrop for developing leadership skills.

Formed in 2022, the inaugural cohort of the DC Police Leadership Academy commenced in January 2023. This program uniquely targets growth for middle management ranks (i.e., lieutenants, captains, and other supervisors or supervisors not in appointed ranks). Through this program, participants will develop a critical growth mindset and learn management approaches to continually hone their personal and organizational leadership skills. The DC Police Leadership Academy will bring together a diverse group of passionate leaders to engage in shaping the future of our great profession by developing their personal leadership abilities. The program will provide participants with the fundamental tools, ideas, and strategies to develop a foundational knowledge of leadership as participants seek to grow through the ranks within their organization. The three-week program, broken into two sessions, will comprise approximately 70 participants from across the US as well as international participants.

Throughout this program, participants:

  • Learn from renowned speakers, chiefs, and leading experts.
  • Hear from a compilation of diverse experiences and perspectives.
  • Participate in experiential learning with hands-on, interactive discussions using case studies and field experiences to supplement classroom topics.
  • Hone relationship-building skills.
  • Join a broad national network of peers and benefit from ongoing alumni engagement.