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Hiring an Officer: ABC (Alcohol Beverage Control) Establishments (Primarily Public Space)

An establishment that holds any ABC License is eligible to hire an officer to work on the public space in the immediate area around the establishment.  Officers will respond into the establishment if police action is necessary.

  • How to Hire an MPD Member for an ABC Establishment Reimbursable Detail  (Step-by-Step Process)
  1. Complete the Agreement
  2. Scan and email signed agreement to contact listed below. Be sure to include the following information:
              a. Number of Officers Requested (Minimum of Two)
              b. Hours MPD Members Will Be Needed to Work
  3. Patrol Services Bureau will verify the details and forward the agreement to the Office of the Chief Financial Officer (OFCO)
  4. The OCFO will prepare the invoice and submit a bill to the establishment


Patrol Service Bureau (PSB)
(202) 576-3392
[email protected]