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Jason Bagshaw

Jason Bagshaw
Commander, Special Operations Division

Jason Bagshaw currently serves as the commander of the Special Operations Division where he oversees the Metropolitan Police Department’s Emergency Response Team, Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit, Harbor Patrol, Canine Unit, Domestic Security Operations Unit, Motor Carrier Unit, Harbor Patrol Unit, Air Support Unit, Horse Mounted Unit, Canine Unit, Planning and Logistics Section, Special Events Section, and the Traffic Safety and Specialized Enforcement Branch.

Commander Bagshaw began his career with the Metropolitan Police Department in May of 2003 and upon completing his training at the academy, he was assigned to patrol in the Fifth District. During his time in the Fifth District, Commander Bagshaw spent three years with the Auto Theft Unit investigating the theft of motor vehicles. In 2011, Commander Bagshaw was transferred to the Gun Recovery Unit and focused on removing illegal firearms from the streets within the entire city.

In 2013, Commander Bagshaw was promoted to detective and investigated robberies and felonies in the Fourth District before being promoted to sergeant in 2014. During his four years as a sergeant, Commander Bagshaw was assigned to various units to include the patrol in the Sixth District and First District, hiring of new officers in the Recruiting Division, and assisting with administrative function for the Professional Development Bureau and the Patrol Services South Bureau.

In 2018, Commander Bagshaw was promoted to lieutenant and served with the First District for four month before being assigned to the Special Operation’s Division Planning and Logistics Section. During those four years, Washington, DC has hosted significant planned and unplanned historic events such as the 2018 Stanley Cup Finals and Victory Parade, the 2019 World Series and Victory Parade, the annual March for Life, 4th of July Celebrations, among many, many other demonstrations; Commander Bagshaw was integral in planning and assisting with the operations of these events. In 2021, Commander Bagshaw was promoted and remained in the Special Operation Division as the Captain of the Special Events Branch. In this role, he oversaw First Amendment demonstrations, activities and protests, planning of special events, traffic safety, and the MPD Motors Unit.

On April 7, 2022, Police Chief Robert J. Contee III promoted Bagshaw to the rank of Commander. Bagshaw has received numerous awards and recognition during his career with MPD, including Achievement Medals and Unit Citations. Most notably, in 2010, Commander Bagshaw was named “Officer of the Year” for the entire Department and in 2018, Commander Bagshaw was named as the “Lieutenant of the Year.” Further, in 2019, Commander Bagshaw was awarded the “Sworn Employee of the Year” for the Homeland Security Bureau. Commander Bagshaw holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Police Science from The George Washington University.