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Capital Watch

Capital Watch

The key to preventing terrorist incidents in our nation’s capital is cooperation between law enforcement and the community.

Our nation continues to face domestic and foreign terrorist threats, active shooter scenarios, vehicle ramming into crowds, straight edge attacks and other public acts of violence, citizens are compelled to take a more active role in the observation and reporting of suspicious activity or behavior. As the nation’s capital, we have access to some of the country’s greatest institutions, monuments, and museums. It is usually an individual such as yourself that will be the first to notice something out of the ordinary. When that happens, it is critical that these suspicions be immediately passed on to law enforcement, so that the information can be examined, evaluated and, if necessary, acted upon.

Helpful Information

Additional Resources to Download and Distribute

Report Suspicious Activity

  • To report immediate threats or emergencies, call 911
  • To report anonymous tips or information, text to 50411
  • To report suspicious activity or behavior, call (202) 727-9099
  • Make a report using iWATCH (What is iWATCH?)