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ShotSpotter Data, Disclaimer and Dictionary

Friday, May 3, 2024

ShotSpotter is gunshot detection, acoustic surveillance technology that uses sensors to detect, locate and alert law enforcement agencies of potential gunfire incidents in real time.

MPD began implementing the ShotSpotter system in 2006 and has added sensors and upgraded components of the system at various times. ShotSpotter has also enhanced their ability to distinguish gunshots from other impulse noises. For example, the number of impulse noises coded as gunshots during Independence Day celebrations have significantly decreased over the past four years.

NOTE: In Fall 2018 through Spring 2019, ShotSpotter adjusted coverage, added sensors, and upgraded system components. These changes, along with process improvements within MPD, likely impacted the 2019 ShotSpotter data. Additionally, starting in Fall/Winter 2019, ShotSpotter implemented updates to the “auto-acknowledge” function of the system resulting in changes to the data. Please review the updated “ShotSpotter Disclaimer and Data Dictionary (May 2023)” for an overview of those changes.