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Curriculum Block 13: Traffic II

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Academy training for recruit officers lasts approximately 28 weeks. MPD recruit officers complete a full program of classroom, scenario, physical, and tactical training to prepare them for the challenges of being a police officer. The subjects covered include laws of arrest, search and seizure, criminal law, traffic regulations, human relations, community policing, and ethics. In addition, recruit officers receive skills training in operation of emergency police vehicles, self-defense, advanced first aid, and much more. MPD officers serve an 18-month probationary period from the time of hire, which includes their academy training and field training periods.  In an effort to continue as a transparent organization, MPD posts our recruit curriculum on this website with an opportunity for members of the public to provide comments and feedback for consideration in future updates.

Any comments may be submitted and will be reviewed by MPD staff on a quarterly basis. To submit a comment(s), please send an email to [email protected].