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Police Districts and Police Service Areas

Map of Police Districts in DCAbout the Police Districts, Sectors and PSAs

There are seven police districts in Washington, DC, and each police district is divided into three sectors, which are groups of Police Service Areas (PSAs). There are a total of 57 PSAs in the District of Columbia. Each police district has between seven and nine PSAs.

Every resident lives in a PSA, and every PSA has a team of assigned police officers and officials. Through these meetings, residents have the opportunity to get to know their PSA team members and learn how to work with them to address crime and disorder in their neighborhoods.

Each PSA holds regular meetings open to our residents, business community, and other stakeholders. We encourage our communities to take advantage of the opportunity not only to share feedback and ideas with MPD during these sessions, but also learn how we can all contribute to a safer public safety ecosystem.

About Your Police District

Use the links below for more information on a particular police district.

Print Your Own Map

Printable PDF versions of each district map are available on the district pages. Residents and visitors may also access the PSA Finder to easily locate a PSA and other resources within a geographic area. Just enter an address or place name in the "Find It!" field and the search will provide the geopolitical and public safety information for the address; it will also display a map of the nearest police station(s).

Join an MPD Email Discussion Group

The online email list discussion groups are designed to attract area residents, employees, students, business owners, elected officials, and government agency representatives interested in coming together to solve problems and share public safety-related information that will improve the quality of life in each police district. Find out how to sign up for an email group from your district.

Police Boundary Changes Effective Jauary 2019

Throughout much of 2018, MPD engaged in an evaluation of our boundaries as established in 2012, taking into account current workload, anticipated population growth, economic development, and community needs. On January 10, 2019, the MPD launched police boundary changes based on this evaluation. Get more details, including maps, on the Police Boundary Update page.