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Human Resources Management Division

The Office of Human Resource Management hires, manages, and retains a qualified and diverse workforce, which includes recruitment efforts for new police officers. Human Resource Management also manages medical claims, ensures the MPD is in compliance with all occupational health standards, and controls the testing and standards process for the selection and promotion of sworn members. The Office of Human Resource Management includes the Operations Branch and the Customer Service Branch.

Language Services Stipend

Pursuant to Special Order 99-16 (Language Services Stipend), the MPD recognizes that in serving a diverse population, the use of a second language may be of benefit in providing quality service to all that live, work and reside in the District of Columbia.  As such, the MPD has a Language Skills Stipend Program that awards employees in qualifying situations where the use of a second language enhances the performance of their normal duties. The Language Services Stipend may be earned by sworn members while they are in the police academy.

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