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Family Liaison Specialists Unit (FLSU)

The Family Liaison Specialists Unit (FLSU) is committed responding to the critical needs and concerns of the family members (survivors) of homicide victims.

The FLSU provides support services to survivors of homicide victims throughout the investigative process.  Specifically, members of this unit support survivors by acting as a liaison between the detective investigating the case and survivor. FLSU specialists establish relationships throughout the community and provide information about government and community-based resources to better serve the unique needs of survivors and their family. Specialists also provide survivors with on-going emotional support, case updates, information concerning victim’s rights, referrals for grief counseling, information regarding funeral expenses, and other related services.

The Family Liaison Specialists Unit is within the Victim Services Branch.

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Homicide Branch

Family Liaison Specialists Unit
101 M Street SW
Washington, DC 20024
Main: (202) 645-6363
Fax: (202) 442-8010 or (202) 442-8021

Email: [email protected]

Additional information about services the MPDC offers for victims and family members of crime of crime victims is available in the MPDC Victim Assistance Page.