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Summer Crime Prevention Initiative - 2012

About the Summer Crime Prevention Initiative

The 2012 Summer Crime Prevention Initiative (SCPI) – which runs from May 1-August 31, 2012 – is a program designed to:

  • Reduce violent crime through focused prevention and targeted enforcement
  • Identify and arrest violent, chronic offenders and crew leaders
  • Put criminals on notice that, if a crime occurs in a designated SCPI area, all law enforcement resources will be utilized
  • Conduct community outreach and youth initiatives

How It Works

The 2012 Summer Crime Prevention Initiative (SCPI) will focus on five areas. In these areas, there will be enhanced uniform patrols to make contact with the community members as well as reach out to repeat offenders.

Police Department and federal law enforcement partners, the Department of Justice and US Attorney’s Office, the DC Department of Parks and Recreation, DC Housing Authority, and a host of nonprofit and private organizations are committed to making the program a success. The 2012 SCPI will include a variety of patrol methods, investigative methods and uses of technology.

SCPI efforts will be focused in the following five areas.  These areas were selected after careful analysis of shootings and other violent crimes that have occurred  in the area or close proximity to the area.  Maps for each are provided in PDF format.