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We Are Strengthened by Our Diversity

Because the Nation’s Capital is the setting for one of the most diverse communities in the country, MPD has the honor of serving neighborhoods distinguished by a variety of ethnicities throughout the District of Columbia. We have an even greater honor of employing similarly diverse professionals who bring their unique cultures, personalities and skills to work every day.

Our employee population consists of men and women with heritages that include Asian/Pacific Islander, Black, Hispanic and White members. Individually, they offer distinctive viewpoints and experience to the work they do. Together, their individual ethnicities provide a comprehensive basis for building relationships and serving populations in the District.

A Sampling of MPD Sworn Member Ethnicity & Gender Statistics:

Ethnicity Men Women Total

Asian/Pacific Islander

74 6 80


1584 713 2297


220 50 270


1064 108 1172


2942 877 3819