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Reserve District Patrol

Reserve Patrol Assignment
Reserve members look at their next assignment while on patrol

The primary mission of the Reserve Corps Division is as a support arm to the Chief of Police providing sustained law enforcement support in the 7 police districts where needed. A normal function of this support incudes providing routine patrol throughout the district in conjunction with career police officers by Level I and Level II Reserve Officers. (add link to  All reserve police officers are trained in community oriented policing and use experience, training and problem-solving skills to aide in the reduction of crime (cont).

The Reserve Police Officer (Level 1 and Level 2) may perform all duties of a standard patrol officer, including the following typical field duties:

  • Answering calls for service from in need citizens
  • Crowd and traffic control at specific city events and details
  • Assisting traffic control and effect street closures at accidents, fires, etc.
  • Conduct preliminary police investigations
  • Issue traffic citations (notices of infraction) when lawful and necessary
  • Make lawful arrests when crimes are committed
  • Fulfill court duties and testify on behalf of the District of Columbia
  • Provide medical aid to anyone as long as they are trained to do so
  • Provide safety security at special events
  • Work alongside career police officers on all law enforcement duties.

The General Reserve Police Officer performs specific field duties under the close supervision of a Reserve Police Officer Level 1 or a career Police Officer. Some of these field duties include:

  • Working at the Police District Stations by conducting follow up research, write incident reports, answer telephone calls of witnesses and victims; complete police crime reports, filing and other administrative tasks
  • Assisting with the processing of prisoners in the Cell Blocks
  • Performing traffic and crowd control at special events, sporting events, parades