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MPD Emergency Response Plan

In emergency situations that affect public safety, law enforcement will be among the first responding agencies. In the District of Columbia, residents, businesses and visitors depend on the MPD to ensure the protection of life and property. The MPD responds to all threats to public safety occurring within the city, while simultaneously providing basic police services in neighborhoods. It is essential that the MPD be prepared to maximize resources and capabilities, to ensure that critical tasks are undertaken efficiently and effectively when a major threat to public safety exists.

The MPD Emergency Response Plan is the standard used to set an appropriate threat Response Level. A response level is required during threat conditions, such as terrorist activity, civil disturbance, natural catastrophe, severe weather or other emergencies that affect the safety and security of the visitors to and residents of the District of Columbia.

The MPD Response Level is designed to provide for the staffing, assignment, and deployment of MPDC members while coordinating activities with DC agencies, neighboring jurisdictions and federal agencies. It is determined by the Chief of Police or his/her designee and is based on present and known threats.

There are five color-coded threat designation levels and they are defined as follows:

Response Level RED
A major threat to public safety has occurred

Response Level ORANGE
Information/Intelligence indicating that a major threat to public safety is imminent

Response Level YELLOW
A significant possibility of a major threat to public safety

Response Level BLUE
A general risk to public safety with no credible threats to specific targets

Response Level GREEN
No credible risk of a threat to public safety, routine security is implemented, normal departmental activities continue