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CHAMPS Award - August 2010 Recipients

The Capital Hotels Award Metropolitan Police Service (CHAMPS) Award Luncheon was held Thursday, August 5, 2010, at the Savoy Suites Hotel, 2505 Wisconsin Avenue, NW, in Washington, DC. Sworn members from the following units received awards for their service to the Washington, DC, community. See CHAMPS Award for more information on the awards.

Third District
Fifth District
Seventh District
School Safety Division

Third District
Sergeant David Terestre
Officer Matthew Romeo

On Monday, July 19, 2010 a man was stopped in his vehicle in the Third District when he was approached by a man brandishing a knife. The suspect stabbed the victim and stole his vehicle during the assault. A lookout for a suspect was obtained from the complainant.

Officer Matthew Romeo and Sergeant David Terestre were both on the scene. Based on the MO and description of the suspect, they were immediately able to determine his identity based on their experience and knowledge of the criminal element in the area. The identified suspect had a prior arrest and was known to hang out in the area. A photo and information on the suspect was immediately circulated.  

A look-out for the vehicle was simulcast. Sixth District units observed the vehicle and initiated a pursuit which culminated in the suspect’s arrest in the 2900 block of K Street, SE.

This arrest was the result of good communication and street police work and Sergeant Terestre and Officer Romeo should be commended for their commitment and knowledge of the criminal element in the community in which they serve. 


Fifth District
Officer Jonathan Jordan
Officer Brian Peake
Officer Javon Voglezon
Officer Robert Wingate-Robinson

On July 13, 2010 members of the Fifth District Vice Unit were conducting buy operations in the Langston-Carver area. While doing so, they heard the sounds of gunshots nearby. The buy operation was quickly shut down and the four officers immediately responded to the area to canvass.
While canvassing, Officers Voglezon, Peake, Jordan, and Wingate-Robinson observed an individual they had arrested several times in the past for firearms offenses sitting in a car with another man. When the officers stopped their vehicle, one of the males fled towards a residence. Officers Wingate-Robinson, Peake, and Jordan gave chase and stopped the male as he attempted to gain entry into the apartment.  The officers noticed that the subject was trying to shield something on the right side of his waist. As the officers struggled to get the male individual in handcuffs, Officer Jordan felt the handle of a firearm in his waist-band.  The suspect was eventually secured and a loaded Smith & Wesson .38 caliber revolver was recovered from his person.

The keen observations and quick response of these officers got another dangerous weapon and person off the streets of the District of Columbia.


Seventh District

Officer Bryan Cox
Officer Kevin Rachlin
Officer Howard Williams
Officer Michael Milochik
Officer James O’Bannon

On July 17, 2010, members of the Seventh District Auto Theft Unit were approached by Detective V. Haythorne and advised that a Robbery Fear had taken place at the ATM machine of the PNC Bank located at 4100 South Capitol Street, SE.  The robbery took place earlier in the day during the day work tour of duty.  Detective Haythorne advised that during the robbery a white 1992 Toyota Camry bearing DC tags DH9442 was taken from the victim.  Detective V. Haythorne informed the Auto Theft members that he received information that the vehicle was parked at 2330 Good Hope Road, SE inside the Marbury Plaza Apartment complex.

The members of the Auto Theft Unit quickly mobilized utilizing two undercover vehicles and one marked scout car. Within minutes of receiving the information from Detective Haythorne, Officers Bryan Cox and James O’ Bannon found the stolen vehicle unoccupied in the rear of the apartment complex.  Officers Cox and O’Bannon notified the other members of the Auto Theft Unit of the location of the vehicle.  Officer Michael Milochik established an observation post utilizing one of the undercover vehicles while Officers O’Bannon and Cox moved a short distance away to set up as an arrest team. Officers Kevin Rachlin and Howard Williams utilized the marked scout car and positioned themselves just outside of the parking lot on Good Hope Road.  The units maintained constant communication with one another over the 7th District “Secure” channel.

A short time after the observation post was established Officer Milochik observed two suspects approach and enter the stolen vehicle.  Officer Milochik notified the arrest team of the descriptions of the suspects and instructed them to make the apprehensions.  Both suspects were apprehended without incident and none of the vehicles were damaged.  Once arrested, both suspects were separated and transported to the 7th District.  Both the driver and the front seat passenger of the vehicle were identified.  The front seat passenger gave a digitally recorded confession of his and his partner’s involvement in the robbery and theft of the vehicle.  Both defendants were charged with unarmed carjacking.

The Auto Theft Unit’s swift response, rapid planning, and sound use of good police tactics resulted in the apprehension of two dangerous suspects.  It should also be noted that the vehicle was returned to the victim without damage just a few hours after it was taken.


School Safety Division

Sergeant Joseph Perren
Officer Cheryl Essex
Officer Luther Hardy
Officer Albert Mallard
Officer Thornell Jefferson

During the months of April and May 2010, Sergeant Perren, Officer Cheryl Essex, Officer Luther Hardy, Officer Albert Mallard, and Officer Thornell Jefferson worked together to successfully close five robbery cases involving students at Cardozo Senior High School.

These robberies were committed at or near the school grounds and included a stabbing of a student who came to the aid of a victim. The stabbing victim had to get twelve stitches in her face as a result of the attack.

These cases were highly emotional and required extensive investigative resources to process and close.  Many of the victims had a hard time coming forward because the suspects were often fellow students.  The members worked with the students and assisted them in coping with this difficult situation.

Through teamwork, professionalism, patience, and knowledge of their students, these School Resource Officers quickly apprehended the offenders and got them off school grounds.  It is evident from their outreach and knowledge of their students that these members take their responsibilities as School Resource Officers seriously and their professionalism and commitment are truly assets to this agency.