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Investigative Services Bureau - Narcotics and Special Investigations Division

Introduction:  The Narcotics and Special Investigations Division (NSID) is the Metropolitan Police Department’s primary unit responsible for the investigation and disruption of drug/narcotics trafficking, firearms trafficking offenses, and prostitution and human trafficking offenses in the District of Columbia. NSID is comprised of several smaller units that are responsible for carrying out this mission. These units are as follows: 

Major Narcotics Investigations Branch -- Investigates mid-level and high-level drug/narcotics trafficking cases with the goal of disrupting/ dismantling Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs), and reducing drug-related crime.

Narcotics Strike Force – Conducts street-level daily operations to combat the violent crime associated with the street-level drug trade. This unit focuses on disrupting open-air drug markets in the city. The members of this unit operate covertly and conduct several types of operations routinely to accomplish their mission.

Gun Recovery Unit – Conducts firearms interdiction operations to recover illegal guns in the District of Columbia. This unit also has detectives who investigate and track the origins of firearms recovered in Washington, DC. These detectives focus on identifying and apprehending illegal gun traffickers.

Asset Forfeiture Unit - This unit primarily operates behind the scenes. The AFU is responsible for investigating the financial aspects of criminal cases that involve proceeds suspected of being obtained through illegal activity. The AFU concentrates on money laundering and asset forfeiture investigations. Members are also responsible for assisting with the seizure of proceeds and property associated with illegal activity (US Currency, Vehicles, Houses, Boats, property, etc). This unit prepares the proper paperwork and investigative reports to ensure that seized property is forfeited to the government through Civil Forfeiture proceedings.

Electronic Surveillance Unit – This unit is responsible for all of the electronic surveillance and counter surveillance equipment utilized by the Metropolitan Police Department. They are responsible for obtaining audio and video recordings in a covert manner to assist with the successful criminal prosecution of cases initiated by the MPD. The ESU also is responsible for documenting First Amendment demonstrations and incidents involving civil disobedience.

Location: 2850 New York Ave. NE, Washington, DC 20002

Schedule: Hours are flexible.

 Number of Citizen Volunteer Positions: Two

 Number of Intern Positions: Four

Program Description: Interns assigned to NSID would be responsible for an array of duties, depending upon the needs of their assigned unit. Interns would assist NSID Detectives with the administrative tasks associated with investigations. They may file, copy, assist with data entry, and assist with other administrative work. Interns will frequently create flow charts, reports, and graphs showing data links and patterns of criminal activities in a particular area to assist the units in organizing intelligence in a useful manner.

Accessibility: Public Transportation (Red Line), Parking

Last Updated: 10/28/2015