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Beyond the Badge

In October 2018, the Metropolitan Police Department launched a new web series, “Beyond the Badge,” on multiple DC Police social media platforms. The purpose of this series is to capture our police officers with members of the community, showcasing different passions, talents, hobbies and interests outside of their work-life. Overall, this series is meant to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the community, while simultaneously showing humanistic qualities of MPD members ‘beyond the badge’.

Tune in every Tuesday, on our social media channels, to watch a new episode of sworn MPD members going “beyond the badge” with the community.


Episode 1: Zoom, Zoom, Zumba
Go beyond the badge with Officer Tisha Gant of the First District, as she instructs a Zumba class.

Episode 2: Rise ~N~ Grind
Go beyond the badge with Officer Akintunde of the Second District, as he learns how to make the perfect cup of coffee for patrons at Open City.

Episode 3: Community & Basketball
Go beyond the badge with Officer Padilla of the Third District, as he plays an intense game of basketball with the youth at Marie Reed Recreation Center.

Episode 4: Cuttin' Up
Go beyond the badge with Officer Brown of the Seventh District. When he’s not patrolling the streets, he is a professional barber.

Episode 5: Pump It Up
Go beyond the badge with Officer Atkins of the Second District as he participates in a push-up challenge with members of the community at Washington Sports Club in Georgetown.

Episode 6: Get Your Groove On
Go beyond the badge with Officer Clarke of the Second District, as as he and students at Wilson High School surprise the school with a flash mob of dance moves from different decades.

Episode 7: The Fit & The Furious

Go beyond the badge with Patrol Chief Chanel Dickerson of Patrol Services South, as she participates in a daily fitness & empowerment group with different women throughout the District.

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