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Active Shooter Situations

Over the past decade, incidents like the Columbine School tragedy changed the way law enforcement trained and prepared to respond to mass casualty and active shooter incidents. Those changes have continued to evolve over the last several years with incidents that have occurred both locally and internationally. Some examples are the Beslan School attack, the Mumbai Massacre, and the movie theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado in July 2012.  

These tragedies remind us that we must always be prepared to respond to or react to a mass casualty incident in a moment’s notice.  At MPD we practice this on a regular basis and we have hundreds of officers with specialized training in this regard. 

However, as a result of the above referenced incidents, and the reality that these types of tragedies can occur anywhere and at any time, I wanted to provide you with a link to some very useful documents that were prepared by the Department of Homeland Security. These documents give advice on how to respond to an active shooter incident.  While these documents cannot be all inclusive, as every situation is different and dynamic, they do provide good guidance that could potentially save your life.

Useful Links from the US Department of Homeland Security