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In Memory of Officer Brian T. Gibson

Brian T. Gibson

Date of Death: February 5, 1997

There is no greater love than the love that the officers embrace the communities with when they go out and try to maintain stable environments for workers, co-workers, churches and thier own families.

These officers really raised the bar in terms of human kindness and I am saddened and wish to offer my condolences to the community and families.

— Anonymous
Submitted May 27, 2009

Brian, we wanted to update you regarding the family. You are a grandfather. Olivia Ashia Samone Gibson is 1-year old and she too is a twin to you and Granddaddy. She is adorable. We miss you today as much as we always have. You are always present with us and we know that.

— Charles Ambush
Submitted December 7, 2006

The Lord truly blessed us with the time we had with you. We will see you again someday.

— Aunt Pat, Tyrus, and Antwan
Submitted May 16, 2005

Since you've changed your address to Heaven, I talk to you even more, through my Lord who strenghtens me to endure the pain of not having your presence here with your MPD Family. See, He only takes the best, You were our angel here on earth and now you are residing with the King. I miss you so much.

— L.S.Washington-Burney
Submitted February 2005

Rest in peace.

— Anonymous
Submitted August 2003

Gib, tomorrow is your birthday. I wish you were here to celebrate. I miss your giggle.

— Friends and Family
Submitted April 6, 2001

Brian would have been 32 years old on Sunday, April 8, 2001. It is also the 34th wedding anniversary of his Mom and Dad. Brian's birthday will always be remembered and cherished by those who love him so very much.

— Friends and Family
Submitted April 6, 2001

As we loved him, so we miss him,
In our memory he is near,
Loved, remembered, longed for always,
Bringing many a silent tear.

— Love always, your wife and son
Submitted February 5, 2001

You are surely missed.

— The Williams Family
Submitted May 2000

We love you and miss you very much, Brian. We wear this uniform in your honor.

— Anonymous
Submitted February 2000

You were the sunshine in our lives. We thought you'd always be around. You were the apple of our eyes. Forever you'll be in our hearts.

— Mom, Dad, Terrica
Submitted February 2000

Love always.

— Your girls, Ashley and Briana
Submitted February 2000

We who loved you sadly miss you
As it dawns another year.
In our lonely hours of thinking
Thoughts of you are ever near.

— Love, Charles, Connie and Jeff Ambush
Submitted February 2000

Brian, today is the day I lost my husband, my best friend, my dictionary, my encyclopedia, my psychiatrist, my gardner, my housekeeper, my mechanic, my financial advisor, my everything. I love and miss you so very much, everyday, in every way. Nothing has or ever will replace all that you are to me.

— Love, your Boo
Submitted February 2000

Daddy, I ask about you a lot and wish I could see you. No one will ever replace my Daddy, but I have Da-Da, Granddaddy and Uncle Jeff to play with whenever I want, and they never tell me "no."

— Briana Theodora Gibson
(I am 4 years old and smart)
Submitted February 2000

Brian, we will never forget you, and pray that the Lord watches over your two families (law enforcement and home) forever! We love you!

— Anonymous
Submitted October 1999

Officer Gibson to me is a special person. In 1997, when I first heard his name and his duties, I knew he was trying to make a difference. A fallen hero is always a Police Officer. To the men and women of law enforcement -- may God watch over you.

— Anonymous
Submitted June 1999

Date of Death: February 5, 1997
Rank: Officer
Age: 28
Years of Service: Seven
Marital Status: Married
Children: Two
Location of Death: Georgia and Missouri Avenue, NW

Officer Gibson was shot while in full uniform sitting in his marked cruiser. Marthell Nathaniel Dean, who had just been kicked out of the nearby Ibex nightclub, was charged.

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