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Round of Applause: May 2017

Round of ApplauseEach spring, the MPD holds a Department-wide awards ceremony to recognize sworn and civilan members for the outstanding work they do throughout the year. In addition to this annual ceremony, members are also presented with awards throughout the year at the regularly-scheduled crime briefings. In May 2017, the following members were recognized for their exeptional service:


Achievement Medal

Seventh District Members

  • Officer Wendy Alegria
  • Officer Johnnetta Allen
  • Officer Sean Jamison
  • Officer Charles Johnson
  • Officer Robert King
  • Officer Bryan Madera
  • Officer Emily Painten
  • Officer Damien Williams


Officers Defuse Difficult Situation Despite Technical, Radio Challenges

On August 28, 2016, the Office of Unified Communications suffered a complete power outage resulting in the shutdown of the entire 911 system. As the system was slowly being brought back online, a
call for service came into the CIC for an assault in the 400 block of Lebaum Street, SE. Upon arrival to the scene, Officers Williams and Madera located the victim in the stairway, bleeding profusely from her head. She stated that the suspect had struck her in the head with a hammer, and had thrown her out of the apartment, locking himself inside.

With the radio system still barely functional, officers rendered first aid to the victim. A permimeter of the building was maintained and a knock-andannounce of the apartment door was conducted. After the officer’s knock-and-announce went unanswered, a forced entry was conducted. The suspect was found inside and apprehended
witout further incident.

Subsequent investigation revealed that there was one more individual inside the apartment, and upon police arrival, the suspect prevented that person from allowing the police to enter.

Given the challenges and extraordinary circumstances under which this situation was conducted, these officers demonstrated a high level of teamwork, handling multiple facets of this
case seamlessly.

For their efforts, Chief Peter Newsham recognized these members with the Achievement Medal.


Achievement Medal

First District

  • Officer Mohamed Ibrahim
  • Officer Daniel Kelly
  • Officer Ryan Orgel

May 5, 2017

First District MBTU Members Arrest Suspect, Recover Stolen Firearm

On September 20, 2016, at approximately 1852 hours, Officers of the First District’s Mountain Bike Tactical Unit were on patrol in the 600 block of 10th Street, NE, when they observed a subject standing in the block. This suspect appeared inappropriately dressed for the weather, and had a long sleeved shirt tied around his waist. It seemed likely that the subject was concealing something in his waistband.

As the officers approached the subject, he began to walk at a brisk pace towards the entrance to the Sherwood Recreation Center. Officers Orgel and Ibrahim approached the subject from his right side and observed a hand gun in his waist band. As Officer Orgel attempted to stop the subject, the subject fled on foot in a
southbound direction across the field of the recreation center.

Officers Orgel and Ibrahim gave chase, while Officer Kelly remained
on the street, and provided a lookout for additional units. The suspect ran through the playground area and around a fence, allowing him access onto 10th Street where Officer Kelly picked up pursuit. The suspect ran inside of 633 10th Street, N.E., and locked
the door. Officer Kelly remained at the front door and asked additional units to respond to the rear of the location.

After a brief moment, the front door opened and the suspect came out of the house sweating and out of breath, wearing the same clothing. He was immediately placed in handcuffs and arrested
for Resisting Arrest. A search of the suspect revealed that he was no longer in possession of the handgun. Officer Kelly interviewed the homeowner immediately following the suspect’s arrest. The
homeowner stated that the suspect ran into the first floor of the house and went straight to the back of the residence, before
immediately returning to the front door, where he was placed under arrest.

Immediately after the suspect’s arrest, MPD members secured the location, while Officer Orgel secured an emergency warrant. At approximately 2323 hours, members of the First District’s Crime
Suppression Team and Mountain Bike Tactical Units executed the search warrant. Upon making entry, a search of the residence revealed a black .40 caliber Ruger handgun which was located on the first floor in the rear of the house, inside a washing machine. An NCIC check of the serial number of the gun revealed that
the handgun had been stolen. The handgun was not registered in the District of Columbia, nor did the suspect have a license
to carry a firearm in the District.

It was due to Officers Orgel, Ibrahim, and Kelly’s team work and observation skills that a dangerous suspect along with an illegal firearm was removed from the streets of DC.


Lifesaving Medal

May 9, 2017

Second District Officers’ Quick Actions Save Severely Injured Stabbing Victim

On Friday, March 24, 2017, at approximately 0326 hours, Officers were dispatched to [an apartment on] Scott Circle, NW, for a stabbing. Upon arriving on the scene, Officers Matthew Turner and Lauren Griffin were informed by a clerk working the front desk that a victim called stating that he had been stabbed in [an] apartment. The clerk further advised that he saw two suspects fleeing the front of the location.

Officers Turner and Griffin responded to the third floor, where they encountered the victim holding his throat, and bleeding profusely from multiple stab wounds to his neck as well as his abdomen. The officers brought the victim back into the apartment and Officer Griffin began applying pressure to the victim’s neck to stop the bleeding. Officer Turner, not knowing whether there were still suspects in the apartment conducted a sweap while Officer Griffin continued to provide aid. Officer Turner requested DCFEMS to respond, as well as officers with TECC trauma kits, to further aid the victim. After Officer Turner secured the apartment, he assisted Officer Griffin with stopping the bleeding from the victim’s numerous stab wounds.

Officer Garrett Wolf, along with other officers, responded to the scene with the requested TECC kits. Officer Wolf utilized pressure bandages from the kit to stop the bleeding from the victim’s abdominal wounds. Officer Griffin was able to utilize the TECC kit’s clotting agent and gauze to assist with stopping the severe hemorrhaging from the wound to the victim’s neck and carotid artery. By working together and properly utilizing their equipment and training, these officers were able to slow the bleeding and enable the victim to stay alive until DCFEMS arrived and began their treatment. The victim was transported to a nearby hospital, where he was immediately taken into surgery. After receiving eight pints of blood and emergency vascular surgery, the victim was stabilized and survived his injuries.

Had it not been for the swift, decisive action of these officers, the victim likely would not have survived long enough to be treated by DCFEMS and the hospital.

For their efforts, Chief Peter Newsham recognized these members with Lifesaving Medals.


Achievement Medal

May 12, 2017

7D Members’ Dedication Leads to Arrest of Homicide Suspect

On Wednesday, March 8, 2017, the complainant was shot at, while inside his vehicle in the 4200 block of South Capitol Street, SE. As a result, the complainant’s vehicle was seized. An investigation into the shooting recovered a semi-automatic handgun inside the complainant’s vehicle. After obtaining an arrest warrant for the complainant, the members utilized various social media applications and intelligence that revealed the suspect was at 901 Massachusetts Avenue, NW, the Marriott Marquis Hotel.

Even though it was time to check off after working a ten-hour shift, members volunteered to work over in hopes of removing a violent individual from the streets. Members responded to the hotel and worked with hotel security to identify the suspect as a registered guest. The members responded to the hotel room, and apprehended the suspect without incident.

The suspect’s vehicle was located in fromt of the hotel, and was seized as part of the investigation. K-9 units swept the vehicle and a semi-automatic handgun was recovered from inside the vehicle.
Based on information during the investigation, an arrest warrant was issued for the suspect, charging him with homicide, along with several other violent crimes.

Due to these members’ dedication and relentless pursuit, a dangerous suspect was removed from the streets of the District of Columbia.


Achievement Medal

May 16, 2017

Detectives, Sergeant in 5D Quickly Close Robberies in DC, Prince George’s Co.

On Wednesday, March 8, 2017, a suspect a1med with a handgun robbed the 7-Eleven located in the 1200 block of Brentwood Road, NE. On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, the same suspect, armed with a handgun, robbed the 7-Eleven located in the 3700 block of 12th Street, NE.  During the early stages of the investigation, the members worked closely with Prince George’s County detectives and determined that the suspect was responsible for several armed robberies in the County.

On Saturday, April 1, 2017, detectives received information that led to the identity of a possible  suspect.  Further investigation revealed that the suspect had two outstanding warrants.  The detectives requested the assistance of the Criminal Apprehension Unit, and on Sunday, April 2, 2017, the unit apprehended the suspect.  

Detectives Alexis Sakulich and Sean Rutter conducted a strategic interview session with the suspect, at which time he admitted to committing two armed robberies of 7-Eleven establishments in the District of Columbia, and five armed robberies in Prince George’s County.  Within 36 hours of receiving the information, Sergeant Michael Boland, Detective Sakulich, and Detective Rutter were able to gather sufficient evidence to charge the suspect with the two armed robberies. The detectives also assisted Prince George’s County in securing an arrest warrant for robberies in their jurisdiction.

On Monday, April 3, 2017, the suspect was arraigned on two counts of robbery while armed, and was held without bond. Sergeant Boland, Detective Sakulich, and Detective Rutter demonstrated outstanding dedication, determination, and teamwork resulting in the arrest and prosecution of a dangerous felon.


Unit Citation

May 19, 2017

2D’s Club Action Team Noted for Significant Crime Reductions Since 2012

The inception of the Club Action Team was November 2012. The team’s mission was to assist in decreasing crimes, building stronger working relationships with businesses and the community, and to mitigate traffic congestion in the Second District.

Since the inception of the team, the arrest rates for Assault with Dangerous Weapons increased from 38.09 percent to 55.17 percent, robbery arrests from 10.71 percent to 14.29 percent, Simple Assault arrests from 27.56 percent to 59.44 percent, and theft arrests from 7.36 percent to 10.65 percent.

Since the inception of the team, the residents, businesses, and visitors continues to experience a safer environment.


Unit Citation

May 23, 2017

SOD’s Special Events Branch Tackled Inauguration with Professionalism

Members of the Special Events Branch, of the Special Operations Division, were tasked with handling numerous events related to the 2017 Inauguration. This included, but was not limited to, inaugural planning, dignitary escorts, dignitary site details, military escorts, the inaugural parade and the policing of numerous protests and demonstrations.

After the Presidential election in November 2016, the duties of these members multiplied exponentially. They began working extended tours of duty on a regular basis and were always willing to make sure the unit’s objectives were met.

One of the unit’s primary functions—dignitary escorts—more than doubled after the November 2016 election, but were consistently handled in a professional manner. These members often worked 18 hour tours which included handling an increased number of First Amendment assemblies related to the Presidential election. On Inauguration Day, these members performed flawlessly and represented themselves, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the District of Columbia with the highest level of professionalism.


Lifesaving Medal

May 26, 2017

7D Members Work Together to Save Unconscious Motorist Outside Station

On March 17, 2017, at approximately 10 am, Officer Anthony Allen noticed a vehicle parked on the sidewalk in front of the Seventh District Station. As Officer Allen approached, the driver stated that his father (passenger) needed medical assistance. Officer Allen observed that the occupant was not breathing and quickly called for additional assistance. Detective Robert Edelen responded, assessed the patient, and immediately began CPR.

Officers Lynelle Sam and Kim Togans responded with the Automatic ExternalDefibrillator (Lifepak). Sergeants Ronald Bridges and John Brown responded and assisted with applying lifesaving techniques. Detective Edelen, assisted by Sergeants Bridges and Brown and Officer Marvin Washington continued to perform CPR, while the Lifepak was being connected to the patient.

Once connected, the Lifepak advised a shockable rhythm. Shortly thereafter, the patient began to breathe, (agonal respirations) and a pulse was restored. While members assisted the patient, Officer Togans maintained crowd control. Upon the arrival of the ambulance the patient was transported to a local hospital.


Achievement Medal

May 31, 2017

YFSD Detective Brings Closure to Child Sex Abuse Case

On February 7, 2017, Detective Thomas Sullivan conducted an investigation into an allegation of sexual abuse involving
an eight-year-old female and her teacher. Detective Sullivan conducted an extensive and systematic investigation that revealed as many as 16 children were potentially victims of the suspect.

Detective Sullivan worked tirelessly with the DC Child Advocacy Center and arranged for advocacy services and forensic interviews with as many as 20 children. Furthermore, Detective Sullivan prepared numerous search warrants, communicated regularly with the Crime Victims Compensation Program, and worked daily with the United States Attorney’s Office.

As a result of his dedication and hard work, this case was closed with an arrest, and subsequent prosecution of a dangerous child sexual predator.