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Round of Applause: August 2016

Round of ApplauseEach spring, the MPD holds a Department-wide awards ceremony to recognize sworn and civilan members for the outstanding work they do throughout the year. In addition to this annual ceremony, members are also presented with awards throughout the year at the regularly-scheduled crime briefings. In August 2016, the following members were recognized for their exeptional service:


Achievement Medal


Fourth District Robbery Suppression Makes Dent in Early Spring Crime

In a 24-day period between February and March 2016, the Fourth District Robbery Suppression Team was responsible for four felony arrests, four misdemeanor arrests, and four traffic arrests. Additionally, they recovered five firearms and two stolen autos. They also completed and filed 89 PD76s, and issued 98 moving and 20 parking notices of infractions (NOIs).

Lifesaving Medal


Third District Officers Revive Unconscious Driver

Officers Michael Webber and Ahmed Dorghoud worked together, performing CPR on a man who was slumped over the wheel of his car, unconscious. The officers were able to revive the individual before transporting him to a nearby hosptial. This chaotic scene was viewed by a large number of on lookers and captured by a local TV news crew as it occurred. It demonstrated the officers’ confidence in their training, and dedicated work ethic in action. 

Lifesaving Medal

Achievement Medal


SSD Members Stop 7th Grader Attempting to Jump from a Ledge

Officer Lemar Jefferson encountered a 7th grade female student threatening to jump off a ledge with a 25-foot drop. Officer Jefferson immediately contacted the Seventh District dispatcher and requested assistance. While waiting for assistance, Officer Jefferson closed in on the student, grabbed, and held on to her while standing on the ledge. Officer Jefferson held on to the student for approximately seven minutes while avoiding the fall. Officers Tracie Cannon and Michael Dean and Special Police Officer Tyesha Mickle responded and assisted with holding the student and were attempting to pull her over the ledge. As the officers struggled to pull the student to safety, Officer Dean grabbed the officers, and, with their mometum, was able to pull the student to safety.
Achievement Medal

Chief of Police Special Award
Lifesaving Medal


Quick Response from Concerned Citizens and Sworn Members Save Boy’s Life
Ms. Jenee Williams and Victoria Williams called to the pool area in the 2600 block of Bowen Road, SE, for an eight-year-old boy face down in the pool. Ms. Jenee Williams climbed over the fence and was able to pull the boy out of the water. He was unconscious and not breathing. Ms. Victoria Williams was able to get over the fence, so she started to perform CPR.
Officer Donald Walker was the first officer on the scene when he saw Jenee and Victoria in the gated pool area administering CPR. Officer Walker climbed the fence and went to assist the women performing CPR. Officer Walker did a head tilt on the boy, at which time the he started to vomit water. Master Patrol Officer Todd Williams arrived on the scene with a breach kit and was able to cut the padlock off of the gate to allow the DC Fire Department to reach him. The boy, who was conscious and breathing at this point, was then transported to the hospital.
Lifesaving Medal

Medal of Valor


Fourth District Officers Quickly Bring Robbery to Closure, Exchanging Gunfire

In October 2015, Officer Dana Spriggs was patrolling in the Fourth District when she saw suspicious subjects fleeing a liquor store on Alaska Avenue, NW. Officer Spriggs immediately pursued the suspects, and radioed a robbery in progress. During the pursuit, one of the suspects began firing a weapon at her. 

Officers Samuel Folks, Larry Hernandez, Christopher Parson, and Maurice Macdonald responded to the scene to assist. Upon their arrival, they began to take on fire from a female suspect. The officers returned fire and struck the suspect, who succumbed to her injuries. The second suspect, who initially evaded the police, was later apprehended a few blocks from the original scene. 

Achievement Medal


Seventh District Warrant Squad Captures Suspect, Makes Gun Recovery

In March 2016, members of the 7th District Warrant Squad received information that a wanted suspect with several outstanding warrants was observed in the area of the 3800 block of South Capitol Street, SE.

Based on this information, Officer Orlando Teel responded to the area and found a subject matching the description. Sergeant Harding met up with Officer Teel. When the two members attempted to make contact with the suspect, he suspect fled. While Sergeant Kevin Harding and Officer George Young engaged in a foot pursuit, they saw the suspect try to conceal an item in his waistband.

Sergeant Harding and Officer Young continued the foot pursuit. When the suspect reached the rear of a house in the block, Officer Young saw a handgun in the suspect’s hand. During the pursuit, they temporarily lost sight of the suspect, but they were advised by a witness that the suspect had run through his yard and jumped over his fence, using both hands.

When officers canvassed the area around the fence where the suspect jumped, they found a semi-automatic pistol. Officers maintained the perimeter and continued to search for the suspect, who was finally found hiding under a nearby porch.