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Penalties for Motor Vehicle Violations Near Pedestrians

DC Code Title 50, Sections 2201 through 2221 and DCMR Title 18 detail how a driver should operate a motor vehicle on the streets of the District of Columbia.

Penalties for some violations are listed below:

Code Description Fine/Penalty
T759 Failure to STOP and give right of way to a pedestrian who has begun crossing on the WALK signal (signalized intersection) $75 and 3 points
T011 Failure to STOP and give right of way to a pedestrian crossing the roadway within any marked crosswalk or unmarked crosswalk at an intersection (un-signalized crosswalk) $250 and 3 points
T751 Overtaking a vehicle from the rear that is stopped at a marked crosswalk or at an unmarked crosswalk to permit a pedestrian to cross the roadway $250 and 3 points
T782 Failure to give right of way to a pedestrian on a sidewalk (e.g., alleys and parking lots) $250 and 3 points
T585 Colliding with a pedestrian while committing any of the above-listed offenses

$500 and 6 points  

Criminal charges are possible

Penalty for colliding with a pedestrian leads to a double fine.