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Commander Keith DeVille

Keith DeVille is currently the Commander at the Metropolitan Police Department’s Homeland Security Bureau and Co-Chairman of the department’s Presidential Inauguration Committee. Commander DeVille has assisted in the development of the National Standards for Mobile Field Force Training and Tactics, and has lectured and instructed Law Enforcement agencies and Military personnel across the United States on Mobile Field Force and Active Shooter protocols.

Commander DeVille first joined the Metropolitan Police Department in 1990 after beginning his law enforcement career in 1983 initially with the United States Army Military Police Corps. He served in the United States Army Criminal Investigation Division (Drug Suppression Team), and later with the 3rd Military Police Company, 3rd Infantry Division in Germany. After transferring to the 209th Military Police Company at Fort Meade, Maryland, he served as a Squad Leader, Patrol Supervisor, and Team Leader for the Fort Meade Special Reaction Team. During his military service, Commander DeVille was deployed to Central America on two separate peace keeping missions.

Upon leaving military service and at MPD, Commander DeVille has served in a variety of positions at MPD including as Patrol Officer, Narcotics/Vice Investigator, Firearms Instructor, Patrol Sergeant/Supervisor, Special Weapons and Civil Disturbance Instructor/Supervisor, Patrol Lieutenant, Special Operations Division Lieutenant, Commanding Officer of the Domestic Security Operations Unit, Assistant Patrol District Commander, Special Projects Coordinator, Military Liaison Officer, Commander of the Metropolitan Police Academy, and Director of Training for the police department.

Adding to Commander DeVille’s experiences, he was tasked with advising on many policy, training, equipment, and deployment strategies in the aftermath of the Navy yard Shootings of 2013 in Washington DC. He also developed the Rescue Task Force concepts and training in conjunction with the DCFEMS in the aftermath of the 2013 Navy Yard Shootings. Commander DeVille organized a Joint Agency Active Shooter Training protocol for Law Enforcement agencies in the District of Columbia (Armed and unarmed) introducing the Rescue Task Force Model to other Law Enforcement agencies and the Military within the District.

Commander DeVille is the recipient of two Medals of Valor, two Medals of Meritorious Service, Officer of the Year, Manager of the Year, and the Federal Bar Association’s Award for Excellence in Law Enforcement.

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