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Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

The District of Columbia Retirement Board (DCRB) presents the Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (“CAFRs”) released following the close of each fiscal year.

These annual reports are issued in accordance with the Federal “National Capital Revitalization and Self Government Improvement Act of 1997,” and the District “Police Officers, Firefighters and Teachers Retirement Benefit Replacement Plan Act of 1998.”

The reports include the independent auditor’s reports on the Fund. The audit reports are issued by a independent public accounting firm, the selection of which is approved by the DCRB Board of Trustees (the “Trustees”).

The reports also include other information concerning the Fund, the Board, the District of Columbia Police Officers and Firefighters’ Retirement Plan and the District of Columbia Teachers’ Retirement Plan (collectively referred to as the “Plans”), Plan membership, investments, and Board operations.

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