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Recruiting Division FAQ Page

Is the Metropolitan Police Academy residential?

Our police academy experience is non-residential.  Recruit officers must identify a primary residence and commute to training daily.  We do not offer any formal housing relocation assistance program; however, your background investigator may be able to suggest viable areas of the city for you to consider.  

Can I reschedule my New Candidate Orientation and/or Mass Processing Date?

Yes, you may reschedule your date online via your Online Application Portal account.  You do not need to notify us regarding the change.  You must make the change greater than three days in advance of the scheduled date.

How many trips to Washington DC will I need to make throughout the hiring process?

Ordinarily three (3).  You will be required to attend your Mass Processing Day.  You must physically attend your polygraph appointment in either Reston, Virginia or Redwood City, California.  Finally, you'll be required to attend a medical and psychological appointment in-person.  It should be noted that individual applicants may be required to make additional trips based upon their individual circumstances.  Our Department attempts to minimize the number of trips applicants are required to make and therefore combines the medical and psychological appointments for out-of-town candidates.  

I have already completed the POST/Written Examination with another agency.  Will your Department accept my results?

No, you will be required to complete our written examination during Mass Processing Day.