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Patrol Services and School Security Bureau - School Security Division, Contract and Compliance Unit

Introduction: The Contract and Compliance Unit (CCU) is responsible for the daily administration and monitoring of the District of Columbia Public School, school security contract. 

Location: 801 Shepherd Street NW, Washington, DC 20011

Schedule:  The office is open Monday through Friday; 6:30 A.M. through 6:30 P.M.  Volunteers are requested to have at least 25 hours per week availability. 

Number of Citizen Volunteer Positions: 10

Number of Intern Positions: 2

Program Description:  The incumbent is responsible for daily administration and monitoring of contractor performance for compliance with contractual agreements and advises appropriate MPD personnel of situations that may have a negative impact on the Department’s ability to accomplish its mission. More specifically, the incumbent will conduct daily inspections to ensure contractor compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements. The incumbent will assist with on-site monitoring of contract guard compliance in accordance to the specifically defined school security contract. Position requires travel to various school locations, verifying licenses, log books, documents, uniform appearance, guard adherence to Post Orders, and document findings.  Monitor actions or inactions by contractor personnel that may affect the contractor’s ability to perform in accordance to the contract.  Prepare reports and present recommendations affecting policies, programs and/or procedures.  Performs other related duties as assigned. Volunteers are requested to have knowledge in: 

  • Investigative techniques, research methods and collecting facts to present to boards and courts.
  • Skill to read and interpret contractual agreements.
  • Skill to communicate both orally and in writing, and present information in factual, logical, and clear manner.
  • Computer proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel. 
  • Experience with interviewing is a plus.

 Accessibility: Public Transportation (Green/Yellow Line),  Parking

 Last Updated: 11/1/2011