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DC StreetSafe: Gridlock

You can’t actually get a ticket for blocking office workflow, but you can for blocking a traffic intersection. The MPD is now using automated safety enforcement to reduce these violations.





DC ranks third in very large urban area congestion in the nation, wasting over $2B in commuting and pollution costs annually.  Gridlock also prevents first responders from arriving at their destinations quickly. Intersections are defined as the area up to and including the outside edges of the crosswalks. The new gridlock units are located at existing red light sites where gridlock is also a problem. 

Drivers should not enter an intersection or crosswalk, regardless of the signal phase, unless they can clear the far side of the intersection crosswalk before the signal turns red. The units use video analytics to detect if a vehicle has entered and failed to clear the intersection by the time the light is green for the opposing traffic or is obstructing the crosswalk for pedestrians crossing with the light.

Camera Locations

The MPD has a total of 20 Gridlock camera units to identify vehicles that fail to clear the intersection.

Gridlock Unit Locations

Location Direction of Travel Police District
12th Street @ Constitution Avenue, NW Northbound 1
14th Street @ K Street, NW Northbound 1
3rd Street @ New York Avenue, NW Southbound 1
North Capitol Street @ H Street, NW Southbound 1
New York Avenue @ New Jersey Avenue, NW Westbound 1
New York Avenue @ 4th Street, NW Westbound 1
Connecticut Avenue @ Nebraska Avenue, NW Southbound 2
Connecticut Avenue @ Porter Street, NW Southbound 2
Constitution Avenue @ 15th Street, NW Westbound 2
Wisconsin Avenue @ Brandywine Street, NW Northbound 2
14th Street @ U Street, NW Southbound 3
16th Street @ Irving Street, NW Southbound 4
New York Avenue @ Florida Avenue, NE Westbound 5
New York Avenue @ Montana Avenue, NE Westbound 5
New York Avenue @ Bladensburg Road, NE Eastbound 5
New York Avenue @ Bladensburg Road, NE Westbound 5
Benning Road @ Minnesota Avenue, NE Northwestbound 6
Pennsylvania Avenue @ 27th Street, SE Southeastbound 6
Pennsylvania Avenue @ Minnesota Avenue, SE Westbound 6
Suitland Parkway @ Firth Sterling Avenue, SE Eastbound 7


The fines for traffic violations captured by automated photo enforcement are exactly the same as the fines for violations issued by a police officer.  (The DC Municipal Regulations may be found at www.dcregs.org with the search words “Civil Fines for Motor Vehicle Moving Infractions.”

Pay Your Ticket

Ticket payments are processed by the DC Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  For your convenience, DMV provides four payment options: online, by mail, in person, or by phone.