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Online Registration and Residential Parking Renewal

You may renew your vehicle registration online if you can satisfy all of the online eligibility requirements below. If you cannot satisfy all these online requirements, please visit a DMV service location to resolve the issues that are preventing you from renewing online.

As of July 13, 2009, in-person registration renewals were eliminated. Although you can renew your registration online if it has been expired for less than 90 days, please be aware that it is illegal to drive with an expired vehicle registration.

However, you will be able to use your online registration certificate, by placing the temporary certificate on your vehicle dashboard or in your vehicle window, as your renewal registration sticker for 45 days from the date of your renewal transaction until you receive your new registration sticker in the mail.

Note that you must maintain your current registration sticker on your windshield, in addition to placing the temporary registration certificate on your dashboard or in your vehicle window. If you are eligible for a residential parking permit (RPP), the online process will allow you to check a box to add RPP during the registration renewal transaction. If your RPP zone has changed or expired, you must remove the outdated/expired RPP sticker. Only one RPP zone sticker can be displayed. If you display more than one sticker, you could be subject to a ticket.

You may renew your vehicle registration online if you have:

  • A vehicle registration that expires 60 days from the date printed on your registration sticker, or a vehicle registration that has not been expired for more than 90 days.
  • A valid vehicle inspection. If your inspection is expired, you must pass inspection prior to renewing your registration. If both your registration and inspection are expired, you may visit a DMV service location for a no fee five day registration to take your vehicle through inspection.
  • A valid DC drivers license or identification card.
  • Your current name on file at the DMV.
  • Your current address on file at the DMV. The DMV will mail your vehicle registration to your current address on file at the DMV.
  • A valid DC insurance policy for your vehicle
  • A valid credit card. The DMV accepts Visa and MasterCard. The DC Government does not accept American Express and Discover.

And you have not:

  • Recently changed your name or address.

And it's not a vehicle with a:

  • Commercial Tag
  • For Hire Tag

Online Vehicle Registration Renewal Six-Step Overview

  • Enter your vehicle registration renewal information (tag number, last 4 characters of the VIN, registration renewal term, and your email address)
  • Review your vehicle registration renewal information and update your insurance information.
  • If you are eligible and need a residential parking permit, please check the box for RPP.
  • Pay for the online vehicle registration renewal using a valid credit card.
  • Review all the information you've entered.
  • Print the receipt page for your records and, if necessary, the 45 day temporary registration certificate.

Within 10 business days, DMV will mail your vehicle registration card and your window sticker. You will also receive your Residential Parking Permit (RPP) if you are eligible and have requested it. For hire vehicles will also receive the renewal of their DCTC license during this online transaction. If you do not receive your registration sticker within 10 days, call the City-wide Call Center at 311.

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