Metropolitan Police Department

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Request an Accident, Incident, and Offense Reports

The Public Documents Unit provides copies of Accident (PD-10s) and Incident/Offense Reports (PD-251s).

When an officer arrives on the scene for an automobile accident or for a simple assault, he or she may write an Accident Report (PD-10) or an Incident/Offense Report (PD-251). This report is given a six-digit identifying number (often referred to as the CCN). Please make a note of this number for future reference. (If you need to find out the report number, call the station of the police district that responded to the incident.) Copies of the PD-10 are usually available to insurance companies for claim purposes.

Effective February 3, 2003, the Public Documents Unit, as well as district stations, will provide copies of Incident/Offense Reports (PD-251s) free of charge at the request of the complainant, the complainant's spouse, or the parent or guardian of a juvenile complainant. The requester must appear in person and provide government-issued photo identification.

Public Documents Section


Henry J. Daly Building
MPDC Headquarters
300 Indiana Avenue, NW
Room 3075
(202) 727-4357

Hours:     Monday-Friday: 9 am - 5 pm
Fee:         $3 (cash or money order only, payable to DC Treasurer) - no charge for PD-251s for complainants, their spouses, and parents/guardians

What's Needed
To make a request, you will need to provide ONE of the following:

  • Your name AND date; location; and time of incident, accident or offense, OR
  • Six-digit accident or incident number (CCN)

To Request and Accident, Incident or Offense Report by Mail

Persons living outside of the District, or who are otherwise unable to come to the office in person, may do the following:

1. Write a letter requesting an accident of incident report to:

Metropolitan Police Department
Public Documents Unit
ATTN: Accident/Incident Reports
300 Indiana Avenue NW, Room 3075
Washington, DC 20001

The letter must include the as much of the following information as you have:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Accident or Incident
  • Location of Accident or Incident
  • Six Digit Report Number (CCN)
  • Time of Accident or Incident

2. Letter must include a $3 money order (no checks accepted) payable to: DC Treasurer

3. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with your letter

Please allow six weeks for processing from the date the request is made. For more information or additional assistance, contact (202) 727-4357.