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Sex Offender Registry Act 1999

An Act in the Council of the District of Columbia

Codification District of Columbia Code 2000 Supp.

To establish a sex offender registration program that authorizes the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency for the District of Columbia to create and maintain the sex offender registry for the District of Columbia; to require the Superior Court to issue orders to certify a person who is a sex offender; to establish a dispute resolution procedure for persons to challenge a registration requirement; to require the Department of Corrections to notify the Agency of the potential release of a sex offender to the community or a halfway house; to require the Commission on Mental Health Services to notify the Agency of a grant of leave privileges or other change of status granted to sex offenders in its custody; to authorize the Agency to adopt procedures and requirements for the registration of sex offenders, the verification of offender registration information, the reporting of sex offender change of address and other information to certain agencies, and the maintenance and release of sex offender information; to authorize the Metropolitan Police Department to release sex offender information and notify certain agencies and persons of the location of sex offenders in the District; to provide for interagency coordination of information on sex offenders; to provide immunity to the District of Columbia and the United States and their agencies, officials, and employees with respect to actions or omissions taken pursuant to this act; to exempt non-public sex offender information from Freedom of Information Act disclosure; to impose reporting and registration requirements on sex offenders; to impose monetary and imprisonment penalties for violations of the act by sex offenders; and to repeal the Sex Offender Registration Act of 1996.

Be it enacted by the council of the District of Columbia, that this act may be cited as the "Sex Offender Registration Act of 1999."

Sec. 2. Definitions
Sec. 3. Registration period
Sec. 4. Certification duties of the Superior Court
Sec. 5. Dispute resolution procedures in the Superior Court
Sec. 6. Duties of the Department of Corrections
Sec. 7. Duties of the Commission on Mental Health Services
Sec. 8. Registration functions of the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
Sec. 9. Verification functions of the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
Sec. 10. Change of address or other information
Sec. 11. Maintenance and release of sex offender registration information by the Court Services and Offender Supervision Agency
Sec. 12. Community notification and education duties of the Metropolitan Police Department
Sec. 13. Interagency coordination
Sec. 14. Immunity
Sec. 15. Duties of sex offenders
Sec. 16. Penalties; mandatory release condition
Sec. 17. No change in age of consent; registration not required for offenses between consenting adults
Sec. 18. Freedom of Information Act exception
Sec. 19. Repealer
Sec. 20. Fiscal impact statement
Sec. 21. Effective date