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Obtain Residential Parking Permit (RPP)

A Residential Parking Permit (RPP) allows a DC registered vehicle, or a vehicle with reciprocity, to be parked without restriction in the permit area of the residential address. In order to be eligible for a Residential Parking Permit (RPP), your street must be zoned for RPP as indicated by a two-hour residential restriction sign on your block. If you live in a particular ward or zone, you cannot automatically park in that ward or zone unless you have a Residential Parking Permit (RPP). RPP is a permit number designation on your vehicle registration sticker, which is located on the driver side of your windshield, reflecting the zone you live in. There are a number of blocks in a zone or ward that have not been established for residential parking. Therefore, anyone can park, for an unlimited time, on a block which does not have a sign restricting parking to a certain zone. However, many blocks in a ward or zone do require visitors and residents of the district to have an appropriate parking permit (i.e., zone sticker) if they desire to park their vehicle for more than two hours on a block designated for residential permit holders. In addition, residents can only display one RPP zone sticker at a time. You must remove all outdated/expired RPP stickers from your vehicle windshield. If you display more than one sticker, you could be subject to a ticket.

If you live in zone 8 and the block (street) you live on does not have street sign restricting parking, your vehicle registration will read, “NO RPP”. The “NO RPP” label means you cannot park your vehicle on a block where RPP signs are displayed for more than two hours, even though you live in zone 8. If the block (street) you live on does have RPP signs posted for zone 8, the vehicle registration on your windshield will display the number “8” (assuming you paid the appropriate fees to obtain RPP parking from DMV) which will allow you to park on that block and in that zone all day, every day without limitations. Therefore, the block you live on reflects your parking status and not the zone. RPP blocks are certified by the DC Department of Transportation. Information on the program and a database of eligible blocks can be found on the DC Department of Transportation website.

Commercial Vehicles*, buses, vehicles longer than twenty-two feet, and sightseeing vehicles are not eligible for residential parking permits.

Residential parking permits are issued by DMV as a part of the vehicle registration service. Applicants may visit a DMV Service Center, submit the following documents, and pay applicable parking permit fees (Residential Parking Permit).

  • Valid DC vehicle registration card
  • Valid DC Drivers License or Valid DC Non-Drivers ID card


  • Valid DC Reciprocity Permit

You may request a Residential Parking Permit online if you have a valid vehicle registration and qualify for a Residential parking permit.

Need a replacement permit? See information for Replacing your Residential Parking Permit


*  A motor vehicle displaying unremovable commercial advertising or insignia is considered a commercial vehicle.

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